Mum Reads: Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli

This is the 7th book I read for my 2019 Reading Challenge. I have actually read this a decade ago while I was pregnant with my little man. One of my preggy friends recommended the book and lent me her copy. I remember loving the book back then. Must be why I cannot pass up on the chance to have my own copy when I saw that my favorite Facebook book shop is selling it.

The best time to catch up on my reading is when my little man was too busy enjoying himself in the water. I was able to finish it in a day, while watching my little swimmer from the pool side. 🙂

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Stargirl. She’s as magical as the desert sky. As strange as her pet rat. As mysterious as her own name. And she captures Leo Borlock’s heart with just one smile.

But when the students of Mica High turn on Stargirl for everything that makes her different, Leo urges her to become the very that can destroy her: normal. In a celebration of nonconformity, Newberry Medalist Jerry Spinelli weaves a tense, emotional tale about the perils of popularity—and the inspiration of first love.

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“Start Something” By Yeng Remulla

inspirational books, Filipino authors, books, reviews, book review

I cannot have received this book in the most opportune time when I got this in time for my birthday. I needed the inspiration and the encouragement to get up and get things done as I was having a series of early {?} mid-life crisis episodes. This book sure gave me a whole new perspective on things and life in general and it encouraged me to get up from the rut and get things done as I am someone created with the faculties and abilities to get anything I put my heart and mind into, done!

Start Something in a nutshell

The book byline says: Jumpstart the work you’ve been dreaming of

While this is what the back of the book says:

You want this new start. 

But somehow, something is stopping you. You can’t put a finger on it. 

Fear. Worry. Uncertainty. The what ifs.

You don’t have to waste your time sitting and waiting. Stop flying under the radar. Know that you have what it takes to make things happen. 

START SOMETHING is a book that will get you unstuck. It will change your mind and compel you to start that one thing you have been putting off.

inspirational books, Filipino authors, books, reviews, book review

This 186-page paperback is further sub-divided into easy-to-read chapters, and includes a handful of colorful anecdotes and inspiring quotes. It is also peppered with quirky and creative illustrations that will make your reading experience all the more pleasurable.

Start Something retails at Php380 and is a perfect gift item to your family and friends for the Yuletide Season. You can also avail of free shipping if you order your copies from or you may click on the image below:

This books is penned by Yeng Remulla, who is also known for his highly-acclaimed book Productive Pinoy, that achieved outstanding reviews from people in business, government, church and the media. He writes with wit and humor, and is very adept at explaining seemingly complicated thoughts and ideas with simplicity. Apart from being an entrepeneur, he is also a Real Estate investor and an advocate of arts, Entrepreneurship and Continuous Learning.

Yeng Remulla is also an effective speaker and a coach and was invited by many organization to speak about  productivity, entrepreneurship and the art of starting. In fact, he is slated to to speak at Jumpstart Your Success BGC, happening tomorrow, 30 November from 1-6PM, at Seda Hotel, Bonifacio Global City. This three-part seminar will also be spearheaded by Radyo5 and Aksyon TV host and Strengths coach, Ardy Abello, and Victory Alabang Senior Pasto, Ariel Marquez. Seminar rate is at P2,200, inclusive of light snacks and workbook, as well as complimentary copies of Start Something to first 20 registrants. You may visit here to register.

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