SEO 101

Bloggers everywhere are tapping on SEO or Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks to increase their blog or websites visibility in various search engines’ search result pages. After all, a blog or website that are highly visible in these search engines are most likely to get the most number of visits and potential income from ads and numerous other income-generating strategies. Most number of bloggers are also relying on plug-ins like WordPress SEO, to help them create posts that are most likely to land on Google’s first page.

Personally, I have quite a long way to go before I fully optimized my site for SEO. It may entail a lot of research and readings before I finally get the hang of it and grasped SEO fully. It might require a considerable amount of hours to study and remember a number of tricks I can apply to my blogs. In the meantime, I am glad SEO Services Pricing, put this insightful infographic together to give me a bird’s eye view.

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Of Domain Renewals + Media Servers

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The bane of leading a very busy life, I sometimes overlook a few things here and there and forget about a couple of things along the way. That is what exactly happened to me when I open my email earlier and find this notification from Godaddy that one of my domains are expiring real soon and that I have to make the necessary actions lest I will lose my blog! This domain has just recently been transferred to me that I forgot to note its expiry date.

Of course, I was rattled off to my rocker. Sure this is not the first time that one of my domains are expiring and I need to renew it, but upon logging on to my account and entered an appropriate code {just so I can renew my domain at a much lower price :-)}, the code simply won’t work and it is breaking my heart to pay that much amount when I know that I can renew domains for a minimal fee. If you personally know me, you would know that I cannot tell the difference between a media server and a hosting plan, and that talks that involve codes, domain and the likes are normally gibberish to me.

It was a good thing I kept my composure and after searching online for promo codes, I found one that actually works! Using the code CJC795DOM, I get to renew my domain for another year for only $8.67 instead of paying the full amount of $15.80. That for me is quite a big savings!  😀 It might be an ordinary and very mundane tasks for some, others can probably do this with one eyes closed, but for me, it really is quite a feat and I pat myself on the back that I can now renew my domains without bugging someone to help me.

Oh by the way, in case you also plan to renew your domains, or get a new one, perhaps, do not forget to check out Godaddy’s promo codes to get big discounts! 😉

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Tips + Tricks: Is it Time for You to Consider Buying Instagram Followers?

Recently, Facebook purchased the photo-sharing program Instagram. This purchase has boosted their popularity in the social media world and Instagram continues to see growth. This growth is not only from the United States, but from across the world. The attractiveness of Instagram is primarily due to their ease of sharing features as well as the ability to manipulate photos. Many Instagram users may be wondering if this program is right for their business. In order to make this program work for you, you must make the decision to buy Instagram followers.

Most experts in this field recommend purchasing lnstagram followers. While you will be able to attract many on your own, you will experience a greater growth and exposure from purchasing followers. Many businesses have found that Instagram has only worked for their business after purchasing real Instagram followers.

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