May You Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

I am not really a techie person, much less a gadget-savvy mum {I almost always do not have the means to buy the latest models of gadgets around, anyway, plus, I’d go bonkers trying to figure out how to use them!} but when I found out that the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away the other day, I was compelled to write a farewell post about him in gratitude. Why, you’d ask. It is not like I have known him personally + if truth be told, I’ve only known about him last year, when I started watching the news again + when I became active in blogging + other social networking media. It is just that I consider my iPod one of my most prized possessions + I have got Steve + his ingenuity + originality to thank for its existence.

I bought my iPod as a gift to myself on my 29th birthday, it was probably one of the last major purchases I made for myself before I got pregnant + eventually became a mother. Being a music lover that I am, I was so excited to take my iPod home. Jared’s dad filled it with all my favorite music from all of my favorite bands + artists + then some {to date it actually has more than 5,000 songs + I never got a chance to listen to 40% of them}. He also put some of my favorite movies in it, episodes of my favorite TV series, Heroes, and all of Harry Potter’s 7 books in audio book form {I used to listened to Book 7 every night before I go to sleep}.

My iPod is my constant travel companion, we are inseparable, + shuttling each week to + from work, it somehow eased the burden of staying away from my family whilst I work in the city. I reconnect with my siblings through my iPod, playing the music that we all love in it, day in day out. I also used it to enthusiastically share my new favorite songs with my roommate, Thine, who is not that really into music. She’s also watched a couple of movies in it, including Will Smith’s I Am Legend + Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses.

+ when I just want to be left alone + shut the rest of the world out, I simply plug my ears with my cute white earphone, drowning the rest of the world, + all the worries + the care that go with it, immersed in my favorite songs. It always feels like praying to me.

Later on, in preparation for our baby,  Jared’s dad filled in with Baby Einstein music, + some classical pieces from Mozart + his cohorts. When Jared was born, I saved all his newborn photos on my iPod to show to my teammates + friends. We also played music almost 24/7 + the lullaby playing in the iP0d helped him relax + go to sleep faster. During daytime, we played fun nursery rhymes + playtime songs in it, too!

Nowadays, we still listen to Harry Potter audio books to pass the time. We are currently listening to Book 1 again. + When Jared is in the mood, he’d also snatched the iPod from its station + cheerfully clicked on the buttons + delights at the changing display on the screen. He even use it as an improvised mobile phone toy, placing it in his ear + talking in gibberish, probably speaking to his dad!

I guess, you are probably convinced by now why I just have to write this piece. Steve Jobs, through his invention, was able to touch my life {+ I bet billions of other’s too!} in a very profound way, that I will be forever indebted to him.

I am sure he is now flying in the wings of angels, ready to meet his Maker.

Your legacy leaves on, Steve, + you have put more that  just a ding in the universe. I bet the Heaven can really use a genius like you up there. So rest easy now, rest in peace.

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.  ~~  Steve Jobs

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