Reedley International School: An Anti-Bullying School

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Bullying is such a big issue that concerns parents like me and it is a big threat to children and adults alike. That is why when a dear friend of mine invited me to attend the Reedley International School talk on bullying I readily agree. I wanted to know everything I can about this issue and hope that my little man will not be able to experience it or do this to other people when he grows older. I know mums are a tad worrier but who ‘s mum in her right mind wouud like her child to go through this kind of situation, right? The more I know about it, the more I can prevent this from harming my growing son.

No To Bullying

mum's thoughts, issues concerning mums, school
Headmaster Jerome Castro, sharing the secret to their bully-free campus

It is quite a relief to know that an international school takes this issue very seriously and painstakingly align their school vision to fight bullying. I do not think I would agree that bullying is something normal and that all students go through it as some sort of “rite of passage.” I’ve seen the news and I read stories of how bad bullying can go and drive young students to quit school, or worse, take their own lives! This is something no one should ever go through and I do hope other schools in our country will follow suit and will grab bullying by it horns and devise ways and measures to eliminate them in their classrooms and campuses.

Anatomy of Bullying

mum's thoughts, issues concerning mums, school
the various ways to prevent bullying, from Teacher Nico’s piece

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