Jack ‘N Jill Champalok: A Fun Way To Enjoy The Goodness Of Sampalok

mum finds, Jack 'N Jill, announcement, food

Sampalok {tamarind to my non-Filipino readers} is simply everyone’s fave! We love its fruity sweet-and-sour flavor which is just a delight to enjoy with family and friends. We love it so much, in fact, that a variety of tamarind candies are available even in the smallest sari-sari store in the neighborhood.

Now, Jack ‘N Jill gives us a whole new fun way to enjoy the delicious sampalok flavor we know and love through their latest offering, Champalok. The new tamarind-flavored gummy candy allows us to enjoy sampalok sans the seeds, so we can easily chomp and munch on them as much as we like!

mum finds, Jack 'N Jill, announcement, food

Champalok is packed in 20g snack packs and retails at Php5, a very affordable treat we can enjoy any time. The ideal on-the-go snack, working mums can simply stash a pack or two in their handbags or put some onto the little ones’ snackboxes, too! 

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