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jared's nook

happy birthday jared!

My ever dearest Jared, You are turning a big 2 today, Love, + you are growing faster than ever.  Has it actually been 2 years, cause I really haven’t noticed the time flying by, it seemed to have stopped or has taken on a new dynamics when we are together. Seems like it was only …

mum's thoughts

musings about july

Just a few more days + this month will be over soon, but I haven’t posted about the reasons why I was looking forward to July this year + why I simply love this month ;) Here, let me count the reasons why: I simply love July since a month from now my little man, …

jared's nook

gt: best birthday gift ever

I don’t think anything can top the best birthday gift I have ever received. It happened two years ago when I turned 30. This gift is no ordinary gift + you definitely cannot buy one of these anywhere else (well except from those adoption homes, I guess ;D) My gift came via Caesarean Operation with …

jared's nook

jared + cars

 My son recently developed this fascination with cars. + with cars, I don’t only mean Go Mater + Lightning McQueen, of the Cars 2 fame (which I intend to watch with my son as soon as it opens here ;)). Yes, the little man breaks into peals of laughter every time the screen shows that …