Entertain The Kids With These Cool Kids Academy Apps On New Year’s Eve!

Getting the kids occupied and entertained in the midst of the bustling activities and the preparations for New Year’s Eve is no easy feat. Trust me, I have tried and failed quite a few times. I guess the little ones are also giddy and excited about the New Year that they are finding it hard to focus or relax. It would be good if you can ask them to help around the home with simple and easy tasks but for the little toddlers, or the pre-schoolers, it is not advisable quite yet.

So how do we get the little ones preoccupied and out of our way as we go about the tons of stuff to do and prepare before we welcome the New Year? Tucking them to bed early so they can wake up at midnight will be the most ideal but for mums with very energetic kids, like me, getting them occupied with toys, movies, or their gadgets is the next best thing.

By this time, the little man has probably grown tired of watching his favorite cartoons on the telly as he has been doing that for a few days already. He might be able to keep himself entertained until 2014 ends with the help of the new toys he got for Christmas, but what I am more excited about are the updated Kids Academy apps I’ve stumbled upon not too long ago. I am sure the little one will enjoy playing the updated versions as well as the new fun and educational games and activities in these apps and I have a very valid excuse to let him use his gadget for a little while longer.  :-))

Here are the 3 Kids Academy Apps I am sure your little ones will enjoy, too:

1. Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App

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Here is a short review I wrote for it on iTunes:

This Book App is Just  :heart: 

Update: Reading is a legacy that I would love to pass on to my son that is why any app that allows him to enjoy reading and explore different characters, stories, + books is all good in my book! This book + reading app for kids is simply a must-have. The storyteller is very engaging, the graphics + illustrations are all too appealing. I also love that the little one can easily work his way around the app with little or no supervision from me! Now the problem lies in how I can limit his gadget time to 2 hours each weekend with this app around! 

My old review: This is yet another gem from Kids Academy, the little one enjoyed singing along to the song. Music sure is an effective tool to teach + let he children learn + Kids Academy achieved that with this app. It not only offers hours of musical fun, but also lets little children get familiarized with new words. Having this on his iPad gives me more peace of mind knowing I’ve made tablet-time safer + more fun for my kiddo! Just cool! 

Get Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App on iTunes

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