I am not really a very techie person. I am content with my gadgets and gyzmo, even if they are not top-of-the-line or not the latest models. As long as they do the trick well + help gets the job done, I am fine with them.

But since the GT topic for this week is actually all about gadgets to-die-for, I decided to splurge (in my imagination, at least ;)) + chose 2 of the gadgets I’d die to have if given the chance or if my scarce purse content will allow!

The first one is this very chic + sleek Asus Laptop, very cute too, right? Am sure the price will be equally surprising, but with all of its features + functionality, + if one has the means to buy it, I am sure it will be well worth every buck! If I were to upgrade into a lappy, I don’t think I can afford this, but something with a bigger memory for all of Jared’s photos + videos, faster processor so I can finish my tasks + possibly my blog posts in half the time + higher video/audio quality, plus giving me enough mobility to go around while using it, will be the best in my book! Sorry, all those techie jargon is gibberish to me ūüôā

Another to-die-for gadget I’d really love to have is this lovely baby:

dslr, camera, canon

Imagine all the breath-taking + almost-professional photos I can take with this thing! Not to mention, this baby makes all its subject much, much prettier. To die for, really, right?

Enough of my daydreaming, I have to go + finish 2 more articles, before I salivate over these gyzmos + wish that I can have them for Mother’s Day! :)))

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Love + Light,

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