Teaching The Little Man At Home

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look who joined to help the little man with his numbers! ^_^

I have mentioned on occasions that if I could I would really love to homeschool the little man. Even when that plan did not push through as we find alternative ways for our son to learn, I never pass on the chance to teach him at home and rummage online for learning printables that I am sure my little one will enjoy.

I chanced upon this Despicable Me printables while visiting my favorite homeschool blog and I immediately downloaded and have it printed, knowing Jared will love it to bits. The printable pack includes this Counting From 1-10 page, where the little man has to trace the letters from 1-20, as well as this Gluing Fun activity, where Jared is asked to cut out these lovable Despicable Me characters and glue them into their corresponding boxes.

Jared, jared's nook, online resources for mums, tot schooling, children learning, Learning is fun

The little man enjoyed the activity a lot. He may not have developed his cutting skills to the fullest but am sure with constant practice, and loads of worksheets like this, he will learn how to cut properly in time. I have also stumbled upon this How To Train Your Dragon printable and I cannot wait for the little man to work on it.

By the way, I have also recently discovered K5 Learning, which has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I’ve been given a 6-week free trial test and write a review of their program and I cannot wait to try it out with the little man. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

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lovely pink book tokens

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I bought loads of these fairy tale books to be given away to my godchildren last Christmas from Learning is Fun {where I have signed up as a dealer}. Even my sisters asked me to get them some so they can give them away as gifts, too. Aren’t they the loveliest, hard-bound + very affordable, too!

The very pink books feature our most-loved fairy tales, including these ones on the photo, Cinderella + Goldilocks. I believe books are the most interesting things you can give to children {aside from toys, of course} as this will not only promote learning + entertain them as well, but it will also prove beneficial to expose them to reading + the love of books at a younger age. I want my son to be a book lover, too, so I am exposing him to different books this early ūüôā

Anyway, these books are supposed to be gifts to 2 lovely daughters of two of my mummy blogger friends. Unfortunately, I was not able to ship them just yet as when I went to the courier, they refused to ship the other items {it has liquid on it} that are supposed to be included in the package. I tried placing them on cardboard boxes {which my brother made especially for me} but the courier still refuse to accept them + I did not have the chance to go around + scour the city much in search for another courier service, so my sincerest apologies to sis Sheng {I was suppose to ship this in time for you + the little ones birthday :(} + Sigrid.  I will see to it that I ship them before the month ends.

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