Here Is the Advice We Should Never Grow Out Of

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Sam Wermut

Growing up is hard work. No one ever said it would be easy. One of the things that makes it so hard is that we spend the first part of our lives getting used to things that we have to grow out of and leave behind forever. I am reminded of the passage about acting and thinking like a child when you are a child, but putting away childish things when you grow up. Its a lot easier said than done.

When should you stop enjoying cartoons? The creators of shows like The Simpsons would say, never. When should you stop eating cereal with pictures of talking animals on the box? When should you stop wearing pajamas emblazoned with pictures of your favorite superheroes?

Further complicating the matter is that not everything from childhood is something to be dismissed. We are given childhood lessons that should carry through to the rest of our lives. Determining which lessons to hang on to is not a simple matter. We all want to live long, healthy, and ultimately fulfilling lives. To do that, here are some of the lessons from childhood to which we should return and retain:

Don’t Eat Poison

Very few people purposely eat rat poison. Perhaps the reason why is that we were taught as children to avoid such things. They were not held up as a privilege of maturity. No one is thinking that they will finally get to eat rat poison when they turn 18.

Yet when it comes to things like smoking, we see them as temporary restrictions lifted when we come of age. It is a problem with messaging. Smoking is not restricted because of age. It is restricted because it is an addictive poison that can kill you at any age. The consequences of eating poison are the same no matter how old you are.

The experts at any women’s recovery center can attest to the fact that messaging as a child can have a profound effect on how you view recreational drugs as an adult. Don’t eat poison because you are a kid is the wrong message. Don’t eat poison because it is a life-draining menace is the lesson we should retain. Eliminating poisons from your life can greatly improve it.

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Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Can’t Win?

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Have you ever been having a bad day and turned on the TV to see some snobby celebrity with an attitude having the world handed to them and you think to yourself “Why is this jerk so wealthy and trouble-free while I do nice things for people all the time and yet seem to get nowhere?”

Fret not, you’re certainly not alone with this feeling. It’s the classic “nice guys finished last” and “the world isn’t fair” scenario, where the saints get walked on and the tyrants ruthlessly rule over the commoners.

Indeed, there are plenty of injustices and spoiled brats to be upset about, but on the flip side there are also plenty of good things to be excited about as well. To help you get past the defeatist mindset and start feeling like a winner again, try these two simple steps:

1. Ask Yourself, “What are You Really Trying to Win?”

Sometimes all it takes is putting things into perspective. When you look upon a tremendously successful person in the conventional sense, you see someone with plenty of apparent wealth and fame.

However, you don’t necessarily see all of the underlying problems that come with those so-called privileges. Behind the scenes, many of those celebrities and “elites” have their own emotional and financial issues to deal with.

In fact, many of them are afflicted with the “it’s never enough” mentality and they can never seem to be content in any situation. So what is it that really matters to you? Do you have good relationships with your friends and family? Do you have hobbies that you enjoy?

Oftentimes, taking a step back and looking at your own life from the outside, and then imagining what it would actually be like to be the big shot on TV can help you be thankful that your existence is so much more humble and less stressful.

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someday i'd like to teach my son….

When SAHMone Speaks

As a mother, what do you think will be the best teachings you can pass on to your children?

I guess I have loads of stuffs I want to teach my son + a lot of invaluable teachings that I’d like to pass on to him, that hopefully he will teach his own children when his time comes. I’d like to teach him to be God-fearing, to always put his faith in the All, believing that it is through Him that everything is possible.

I’d like to teach him how to sing + read, I’d like to teach him to not take himself very seriously + to learn how to laugh at himself too. I’d like to teach him how to be a citizen of the world, not merely satisfied, snug + secure in his comfort zone, but to also think of other people out there who are in need + extend help in his own little ways.

I’d like to teach him how to do his share in taking care of this Planet  we’ve inherited. I’d like to teach him to follow his dreams + be guided by his passions. I’d like to teach my son how to run, how to swim, how to fly kites and write poetry, I’d like to teach him how to be street-smart (even if I am not ;)) +, more importantly,  to live his life to the fullest! 😉

Love + Light,

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