Marching On This March

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March ought to be a very promising month and I only have one word right now to describe it ~ busy! First off, this will mark the start of my most favorite season of all ~ summer! We may have yet to decide where to go for our summer vacay, but I am sure we are definitely going to get our hands full.

For the first time March is going to be a rather busy month for us as we prepare for the little man’s final exams for this school year. Can you believe how quickly time flies? I am still in awe whenever I think Jared’s almost finished with his very first year in school and I cannot help but feel rather accomplished. Yes, we might have been tardy on so many times, but my little learner sure learned so much this year and I cannot help but feel proud! We are also gearing up for the Culminating activity in school a week after his 4th quarter examinations and it should be a very exciting time for our preschooler {and for mum + dad, too!}

The little man is also looking forward to his swimming lessons and has asked me time and again whether his lessons with his coach is starting anytime soon. I meant to enroll him as soon as his school is over, thus giving him more time to enjoy summer and the water. I am sure he is going to enjoy his lessons this year, like he always does, as he absolutely loves the water.

This month also happens to be a very big day for my youngest sister as she is getting married this month. Now, I may not be all ecstatic about the prospect of being all dolled-up and donning a dress, but the little one is doing ring bearer duties for the first time and that is just about enough to keep me both excited and on the edge at the same time. Besides, it will surely be one amazing experience to see everyone in the family in their Sunday bestest! I am sure I will also get teary-eyed to see my sister finally walking down the aisle. It  will mark another important milestone in her life and we are delighted to be there to witness the momentous occasion!

March + Productivity

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March Is Here

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Time really flies. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we are ushering the new month and now we are welcoming another new month! I wonder where February had gone? The little man and I had been on our toes a lot and I will make sure to share with you most of those adventures in the coming days.

I am guilty, I know, too, that I have not been able to update this baby religiously and that you have been seeing more and more of those obligation posts that keep the business afloat. But I do hope you hang in there. A lot of ideas for would-be posts are prancing in my mind as I write this. I just need to find the time to turn them into actual posts, and I will.

March has always been one of the months that I look forward to since I was a child. It was summer, after all, and every student is looking forward to the summer break. I am hoping we can go for a swim, in a beach or pool does not matter really, before this month ends. It has been awhile and I am raring to hit the beach. Should be exciting as always.  😎

This month will also prove to be quite a challenging month ahead. I will be adding more to my plate by getting this regular online gig and I do not know how I’d fare. It would mean spending more time online but I will make sure to get my butt off the chair loads of times, too, and spend as much time with my  impressionable little man as well.

Oh well, here’s wishing that March is treating you well.

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