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math, numbersJune 16 – Most Hated Subject

I just hate numbers + I really don’t know how to work my way around Math that I actually find it surprising that I was able to ace through all my Math major subjects in College, yes, including Trigonometry, Algebra, Differential Calculus + Differential Equation. Just don’t ask me anything about them now as they are all gibberish to me now! I remember dreading my classes + if I could just have my way, I’ll skip them Math classes altogether, especially Trigonometry in College because my prof has this knack at thumbing through his class cards during recitation + I remember sitting in my chair, sweating profusely in an otherwise air-conditioned classroom, calling to all the gods to not let him call my name!¬† ūüėČ

Back in the days, I was simply wondering what does Math has to do in the grand scheme of things that it has to be included in our College syllabus?! I’d like to veer away from it, as much as possible, + the less I have to do with it, the better off I’ll be. It was only later on, I was in Senior year I think, when I realized + (hated to admit it) that Math is actually one of the most useful school courses + that these subjects are actually put in place not only for us to learn, but to let us use a little more of our brain + exercise those sluggish brain muscles.

One of my worst experience (+ one of the most profound, probably!) in Math was back in my Senior year in high school, I was in the top section, see (excluding the science high school department) + there was a time, in one of the major examinations (was it the 2nd or 3rd periodical test?) that I flunked my exams + almost got a zero score (yes, I hate to admit it, I was that terrible!). I actually scored 5 points out of god-knows-how-many items¬† in that exam. My professer, Mr. Magaling (+ he does live by his surname!) approached me + said “Muntik mo na ma-perfect ung exams, ah?!”

I was a bit embarrassed (just a bit, since I’ve thrown in the towel with Math all those many years ago!) + challenged at the same time. My professor, bless his heart, did not say those remarks to mock me or make fun of me, but I guess, as I realize now, to challenge me to do better the next time. I was actually guilty. See, come cramming exams time, I’d always assign Math to be reviewed last (read: I do not review at all!), I prioritize those subjects that I know I’ll do well, since Math is a hopeless case for me + I am just bound to fail!

Rose to the occasion, I did! Come next exams time, I made sure that I reviewed + understood every bit of the topic Рwe were studying the introduction to Trigonometry back then + I force myself to study + understand radius, 2¶r, median, radian + a whole lot more! Needless to say, I got a better score compared to my dismal performance from the last exams + I gave myself a pat in the back.

But I still hate Math! ūüėČ

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