The Medical City Launches Expanded Maternal ICU

If you plan to get pregnant this year or are currently pregnant and are about to give birth soon, you might want to check out the recently launched expanded Maternal Intensive Care Unit at The Medical City. Read on to know more about it.

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Pregnancy and childbirth are major life events and all pregnancies involve a certain degree of risk to both mother and baby. While many pregnancies are without any complications, some encounter life-threatening events for the mother or for the fetus.

When critical complications arise during pregnancy, patients may need care from specialists in a health care facility that offers specialized, intensive care to ensure the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies alike.

The Medical City {TMC} is home to one of the country’s few maternal intensive care units that provides comprehensive high-risk perinatal services combined with holistic care by experienced, highly-skilled medical professionals.

TMC recently launched its expanded Maternal Intensive Care Unit {MICU} to accommodate more high-risk patients. Strategically located within the Delivery Suite, the MICU offers more privacy for the care of high-risk mothers and provides adequate space for the multidisciplinary team of experts so they can attend to their patients with ease. Maximizing TMC’s broad range of medical fields with the highest levels of expertise, MICU offers intensive monitoring of mother and baby in close coordination with other clinical departments, such as nursing, internal medicine, and surgery, among others. 

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