postcard perfect 01: masskara festival – bacolod city

Finally, I was able to join this postcard meme.  I have been meaning to, ever since I discovered this new passion of mine, but alas, I haven’t got the luxury of time. Hopefully this continues so I can make a post each week. It will be one great way to showcase my just-starting postcard collection + chronicle my progress, too. So, please wish me luck ;D

Now on with my share for the week:

This is one of the very first postcards I’ve ever received + it was sent by non other than our very generous + thoughtful PMC mum, Rubz. This is a photograph of one of the most famous attraction in Bacolod City,  the colorful + vibrant, Masskara Festival.

Bacolod is one of the places here in the country that I love to see + hopefully I can visit it one day soon 🙂

By the way, I also love the Protect the Ozone Layer stamp that goes with it. Thanks Mommy Rubz for your generosity 😀

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