chic in black monday 03: fountain


This photo was taken when we went to Subic last weekend. I kinda have this thing about fountains, I think they are grand + gaudy yet peaceful+ relaxing all at the same time.The cascading waters is a site to behold + the ripples of it are infinitely mesmerizing, they always seem inviting me to dip my hands in. Plus they sort of remind me of wishing wells too 😉

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who'd want to be a tiger mom?

When SAHMone Speaks

Would you tell your children that they should only enter a relationship at a certain age {like most parents do}?

I would never want to be the domineering mum (which I think everyone is bound to be if we can’t help it, but, for good intentions, of course 😉 ) as much as I can, I’d like to be open-minded + more democratic in child-rearing, allowing my son enough space to nurture his own personality. If I can, I would love to be my son’s go-to person when he needed sound advice + a shoulder to cry on, not the one he dreads to be around because I am too bossy + that I make decisions for him without hearing him out or considering his thoughts on the matter. I would love to give him free reign, so to speak.

Much like the way my parents did when I was growing up. When everyone else in my class is thinking of alibis to tell their parents, one time we went home pretty late, I was silently sitting thinking that all I need is to tell Mama I’ve gone to a classmate’s house to make a school project, which is the exact truth, + I’m off the hook. My parents were pretty open-minded too. They are not the do-as-I-say parents who’d just tell you what to do + you must blindly follow, no matter how much you despise it! They pretty much trust each one of us to be responsible + be honest with them. Which, growing up, I did! Maybe that explains why I am such a lousy liar 😉

So, I just basically want to do the same with my son. I think, the more we’d restrict our children, the more tendencies for them to lie, do silly things just to spite us + rebel, which almost often, yield unfavorable results.

Although the thought of early pregnancies, young marriages, or failed relationships can be quite daunting enough to scare the living daylights out of us, I guess, the best route will be to explain to our children that relationships entail responsibilities + hardwork, that it isn’t something you’d engage in simply because the rest of your friends do, inasmuch as you can’t exactly tell when you’ll really ever fall in love.

I won’t tell my son that I’d only allow him to enter into a relationship once he finished College (which is really quite tempting, I tell you!), instead I will nurture him to be a well-rounded person + giving him enough love + understanding, just so I can keep him occupied from thoughts on girls + dating, until he is ready!

How about you, will you tell your children to date only when they turn 30? I’d love to hear your thoughts 😉

Love + Light,

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of coming up with my own blog meme

I totally love joining these weekly memes + anyone who’s been here in my space can really tell how I got smitten by these lovelies! I have at least a single meme for every day of the week, I guess. I really enjoy doing them + have so much fun bloghopping with other participants, if I have the luxury of time, that is!

Now, an idea has been traversing in my mind for a while now + it really excites me! I’d love to host my own meme one day soon + here are a few of what I am toying in mind:

  1. just jivin’where every participant will post a music video each week + tell exactly why they chose that video
  2. try it out tuesday – being mothers am sure we discover something new every single day, with this meme we will post a new product you’d recommend to other mommies. not necessarily something you’ve tried, it can be something you saw on tv + would like to try + would like to tell the other mummies, too 🙂
  3. mailbox monday – I noticed that when I became a blogger, I’d usually get something in the mail at least once a week. This meme is an avenue to showcase these stuff. It can be a new ARC you got from Booksneeze or Tyndale, a letter from a friend across the miles, a freebie you won from a giveaway, items you ordered online, free product samples, or even postcards (but not to be confused or to compete with postcards memes). You will share a photo + a little background about it.
  4. nice to know you wednesday – this will be a series of Q + A’s to allow us to get to know each other a little better. We shall answer 5 interesting (yep, I promise to keep the questions interesting ;)) questions every week. You can also post related photos, if you wish.
  5. top 5 friday – I really love lists, don’t you? + this is my way of incorporating that love into my blog. In this meme, we shall be listing our top 5’s every week, depending on the topics (which shall be open for suggestions, of course!), a definite listopia!

So what do you think? Am doing an informal survey to check which one will get the highest number of participants, please leave your choice in a comment below. Thanks mummies 🙂

image is not mine

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