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Exactly two years ago today we welcomed Jared to the Christian World. It was a simple occasion joined in by some of our closest friends + family members. A ceremony was held at the Barasoain Church {we live about 20 minutes away from this historic church} followed by a simple lunch reception held at the Club Royale Resort in our city. Jared’s dad + I chose the place as the price they offered was more reasonable compared to the other places we’ve checked out, plus it was also a few minutes away from the church + the place is easy to find.

memories, parenting, jared's nook

Jared was almost-four months when this happened + I was more than proud of the little man as he is only one of the too few babies who did not cry as the priest poured holy water on their heads. Way to go baby! He was also particularly well-behaved the entire time, smiling occasionally at familiar faces who came to bear witness to this momentous occasion, the first of the many, I am sure. I am not a devout Catholic, I must admit, but I would love for Jared to grow up knowing + looking up to The Almighty for guidance + inspiration, hence the baptismal. I am sure if my parents were around they would agree + would probably be the busiest person organizing this event + inviting as many of their friends + colleagues as they can.

parenting, memories, jared's nook

Hosting + organizing an event is no easy task, especially for someone who has to juggle a full-time job + a budding 24/7 mummy career on top of that. I was checking out the restos + resorts around our city at work, in between taking calls + dealing with difficult callers. I also visited the chosen place a few times before heading to Makati where I work. Not to mention going to Divisoria to scout + buy souvenir items {I have my friend Jannai to thank for accompanying me there! :)}, too! It was a good thing my brother, Ken, took charge of designing + making the invites + the labels for the souvenirs. Needless to say, it was one of the most chaotic time of our lives. But something I’d gladly do over again for the little man ūüėÄ

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