meralco’s get bright quiz night

 Meralco Get Bright Quiz Night, eventsOne of our pressing concerns as mums is that our electricity bill is sky-rocketing each time we received the monthly bill, right? + if we can have our ways, we would like to know how we’d be able to save on our energy consumption so we can pay less the next time our bill is due.

This is what I have in mind when I received this message on my Facebook account one day. I was fortunate to be invited to the Meralco Get Bright Quiz Night event some weeks ago. I was intrigued about how this quiz night go about so I said yes to the invitation. My sister agreed to look after the little man while I went + Jared’s dad even agreed to bring me to the venue {it is faster instead of taking the public transportation}, so it was all good!

I arrived pretty much on time, the venue is at one of the function halls inside the Meralco compound in Ortigas. Giving the place a once-over, the only familiar face I saw {there weren’t too many bloggers around at the time yet} was fellow mommy blogger Cza, I joined her in her table which she is sharing with 2 other bloggers, JL + Jason. A little while longer, mommy Weng joined us, too!

Meralco Get Bright Quiz Night, events

So what is this quiz night all about, you’d ask? This is, as the name hints, a quiz night for bloggers who attended to test their knowledge about Meralco’s recently revamped site. Meralco’s site was renovated not too long ago to make it more user-friendly + interactive. It now also boasts of a number of new features including a very easy navigation tabs, Quick links on the left sidebar + the very interesting + exciting Meralco AppCal {Appliance Calculator} where you can get to compute the cost of operating each of your home appliances {My Appliance Calculator} or check the estimated cost contribution of these appliances to your total electric utility bill {My Bill Manager}

Meralco Get Bright Quiz Night , events

Apart from that, they have also launched a Twitter + Facebook account to connect with their subscribers + clienteles 24/7. Here you can have real-time interaction with Meralco personnel to respond to your questions or resolve any pressing matters you might have.

Here is a press release from Meralco:


Now, customers can interact with Meralco through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, apps, and a newly revamped website. These digital properties allow Meralco to be more accessible any time of the day to ensure better connections to its customer services, right where customers already are: online.

The new website guides visitors to two main sections. FOR CUSTOMERS provides the answers to customer concerns including electricity consumption, bill-related matters, and new account applications. THE COMPANY is the section for corporate reports, business partnerships, stakeholder relations, and investor information.

The site’s redesign allows visitors to easily access the information they’re looking for. The navigation bar at the top lists the main sections of the website, touts at the bottom of the page link to frequently accessed information, the Quick Links bar on the left for more important information customers want to know about, and the center for featured videos, photos, and articles to keep everyone updated on the latest from Meralco.

Customers can also register their billing information on the site in order to access their monthly bills online through the Meralco E-Bill app. Another app available is the Meralco Appliance Calculator or AppCal so that customers can compute and gauge their electricity consumption based on the different appliances they use at home. Computations can be specified to the type of appliance, corresponding wattage, and frequency of usage, and the AppCal calculates cost per hour, day, week, and month. The App also takes into account the prevailing generation charge for the month. It can be accessed through the Meralco website, or downloaded from the site as an app for smart phones and tablets.

The website also links to Meralco’s social network pages, each of which offering special features for customers. On Twitter, @meralco provides round-the-clock customer service, so that Meralco can address one’s queries immediately. The Meralco page on Facebook is a hub for the latest campaigns, and customers can Like the page to learn more about the company’s services, innovations, and CSR projects. The Meralco channel on YouTube, meanwhile, hosts Meralco’s television commercials and special video features.

And while these digital properties give current customers easier access to better customer service, Meralco is also gearing up to provide power to more areas in the country to help shape more modern standards of living for every Filipino. As the Philippines approaches its Quincentennial year in 2021, Meralco is laying out the groundwork for innovations: Wider Power Distribution, Prepaid Electricity, Meralco Power Generation, the Automated Area Network, and Meralco-Powered Electric Vehicles are just the start of greater things to come, for a brighter future for the Philippines.

After having our tummies filled with a very sumptuous dinner + a brief, yet thought-provoking introduction by Meralco representative, Marco Mañalac, the bloggers are on for one quiz night that is bound to challenge their speed + comprehension. I teamed up with bloggers from our table + named our team the A-jumpers {which is shortcut for Anti-jumpers}.

Meralco Get Bright Quiz Night, events

We are quizzed on the history of Meralco, about their new site + its interactive features + applications. It was a fun way to learn more about this company who’ve been servicing the Filipinos for over a hundred years now, while host, comedian Gabe Mercado, injects comic relief to an otherwise concentrated crowd full of bloggers wanting to win the quiz.

Mercalco Get Bright Quiz Night, events

It was one great way to spend the night + even though we did not get to win any prize, I really enjoyed participating in this event. Thank you, Earth, for the invite, until next time 🙂

By the way, for more information, you may reach Meralco through any of the following:

  • Website –
  • Youtube –
  • Twitter –!/meralco
  • Facebook Fanpage –

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