This Mum-Approved Travel App Helps You Book Cheap Flights

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As a parent, it is one of my goals to travel with my son while he is young.  Visiting different places and embarking on new adventures present many opportunities for Jared to  learn and have fun. Most importantly, it also proves to be a very worthwhile bonding activity for our small family. Traveling to various destinations also allows for creating fond memories that I hope he will remember with a smile when he is much older.

Although we would love to travel with our son to popular vacation spots, travel plans almost always take the back seat to give way to more pressing needs and priorities ~ bills, school tuition, grocery, and the list goes on.

Not to mention the steep price of air fares and flights, a trip can set us back a couple of thousand pesos, depending on where we want to go and where we want to stay while there. Cheap flights and promo air fares are hard to come by and I find them always tricky to book whenever I chance upon them. No wonder, most of our plans to take our family on vacations or trips are reserved for when we make extra money or for very special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries.

mobile apps for the family, travel, tips and tricks, traveling with children, apps

Good thing budget-savvy mums like me can now plan for those highly-anticipated family vacations without breaking the bank. With Traveloka App, looking and booking for cheap flights and tickets no longer has to be a hassle as I can find them all conveniently in one place!

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6 Baguio Accommodations For Less Than Php1,500!

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Baguio is one of my favorite places. I have only been there twice but both are such great experiences, I cannot wait to go back. Even my little one is raving about our adventure and has been asking when we are coming back. You can read about our travel adventure here.

Baguio is a top choice among Filipino travelers because of the cold weather. It is a welcome break from the usually hot and humid city weather, especially in the scorching summer heat! Apart from the cool temperature, you will never run out of awesome things to do, beautiful places to see, and delicious dishes to try while you are up north. Among my top must-try Baguio activities include horseback riding, biking and playing at the park while sampling the local street food, delectable vegetable dishes at Oh My Gulay, strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm, and a whole lot more!

A trip to Baguio is not just a welcome break from our daily grind, but it is also one great sensory experience, a delight to our senses. The lush greenery at the parks offers a respite for our otherwise overworked eyes, the local cuisine is a feast for any traveler’s palate, the fascinating clouds that hang low a delectable and welcome change.

I have been wanting to go back to Baguio for a while now but haven’t had the chance to do so. While I plot for yet another Baguio itinerary, I tried looking for  Baguio budget accommodations using Traveloka App and here’s what I came up with:

travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio

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Be The Boss Of You: Android Apps To Help You Be More In Control Of Your Life

Life shouldn’t happen to you; you should happen to life and these days you can make the most of life by using a variety of apps for your smart devices. The problem is there’s so many out there how do you know which ones are the best?

Here’s a list of apps that can help you get in control of any situation, from weight gain and sleep loss to missing appointments and shaking off bad moods.

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Track Your Fitness

There is a wide variety of fitness trackers on the market right now, but if you’re specifically looking to lose weight, perhaps the best one for you is Lose It. This free weight loss app can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. It will help you devise a personal weight loss plan with achievable goals which include target weight as well as lifestyle changes for a total wellness plan. You can track your meals and calorie intake and share healthy recipes.

Regulate Your Sleep

Getting into a regular sleep schedule is important for your overall health and this alarm clock will help you do just that. You don’t have to wake up to a screaming alarm anymore, now you can wake up gently, feeling refreshed and relaxed to the sound of your favorite tunes. This app can also help you get to sleep. All you have to do it preset a timer and your phone will play soothing white noise, or the tunes of your choice until you drift off to sleep.

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