blessy’s 10th birthday party

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the birthday gal with the mums!

I did mention in a previous post that we are to attend my inaanak’s {godchild} birthday celebration last Wednesday. It was a good thing the sun is unusually up + we managed to leave the house + arrived earlier to the party place. It was to be held at my friend, Amy’s house. We used to frequent this house when we were in College, together with my friends Sharon, Meia, Jhapon, + Jackie. + I was actually delighted when I managed to locate the place with asking only for a few directions. It has been a decade or so since I was last here, but seeing the place now makes me feel like it was only yesterday! ­čÖé

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photo op with the birthday girl + cousin, Ali

The little man + I were one of the first people to arrive. The party is not on until 5 that afternoon + we arrived about half past 4pm, I guess. Jared was shy + quiet when we arrived but after a little getting used to + upon seeing his ate‘s familiar face, my little tot warmed up + was all over the place in no time ~ he was climbing up + down the stairs + was smiling at me up from behind the 2nd floor bannister! He has also stolen a dozen kisses from the shy little girl, Ali, Amy’s niece, by the time I was finished eating my food! ­čśÇ

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Blessy blowing her birthday candle!

Blessy turned 10 that day + my friend, who was in the country for a vacation {she works abroad + was only here for a longer vacation}. I love the simple celebration she has thrown in to mark this special milestone in her not-so-little girl’s life, for the food served on the table, down to the colorful balloon decors! The little man actually managed to pop two of ┬áthose balloons because he was overly excited to check them out! But what I really loved the most is the chance to catch up + bond again with friends that I have known for a very long time. ­čÖé

occasions, out + about, simple pleasures
lookie! i was wearing a matching outfit with the birthday girl! ­čÖé

Not long after our friend, Sharon {who has just got off from her new work}, arrived with her Papa + her litttle one, Patrick, in tow! Our boys have known each other from our previous meet-ups + was running all over the place in no time at all! They were having a little party of their own!

occasions, out + about, simple pleasures

Happiness is really being together with friends that you seem to have know all my life + if only I live nearer I’d probably drop by too often, so that the little man will also have a lot of playmates to have fun with!┬áFor the good food + the good conversations, + a trip down memory lane, not to mention all the fun the little man had, I wish we can go to a celebration like this everyday!

To my inaanak, happy birthday Blessy, I wish you all the best + may you grow up to the the person that God designed for you to be. Jared + I love you very much! ­čśÇ

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photo credits go to my friend, Amy for all the images used in this post

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