Money Matters: 5 Tips On How To Manage Your Finances in the Time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic may have taken its toll not only on your personal well-being but your finances, but this does not mean you should give up and lose hope altogether. With frugal living and budget-savvy skills, there is no way you cannot tide this over until things get back to normal or, atleast, to the semblance of normalcy you used to enjoy before the virus hit.

Here are top 5 ways on how you can be manage your finances even in this most difficult of times:

Re-examine your family budget

Now is the best time to scrutinize your family budget and cut back on those expenses that aren’t as important. Why not scrimp on online shopping during sale and promos, and putting your money into something else, instead? Or maybe, instead of alloting funds for a weekend takeaway from your favorite restaurant, you can have a picnic at home or make it a teachable moment for the kids and have them help in the kitchen to prepare their favorite meals and dishes or participate in a family cook-off. This will not only save you a substantial amount of money, it will also prove to be a great bonding activity for the whole family.

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Build up your personal savings

Even when you are struggling financially, building up your savings is still one of the soundest financial decision you can make in this time of crisis. Making sure you have enough extra funds in case of emergency will give you an additional layer of security, not to mention peace of mind that whatever happens to, you are still going to financially manage in this hardest of times. Living frugally and skipping on those otherwise unnecessary expenses will work wonders in saving up for your emergency funds and other savings you are currently trying to build.

Invest on insurance

Even when you are financially hard up, you may want to think twice before deciding against that Property insurance philippines or letting go of that health insurance you have always been eyeing to get for yourself and your family. Given the uncertainty of the situation today, it is but a wise decision to keep you and your family, as well as your properties, protected.

Take advantage of low interest rates and easy-on-the-budget payment schemes

To help tide you over in this time of crisis, you may want to take advantage of low interest rates offered by companies and banks to help you budget your payment for your home or your car loan. Also, take note of easy-payment schemes offered by utility providers so you might be able to stretch your budget and pay your bills or your rent without going into debt.

tips and trick, money matters, money talks, money saving tips, budget and finance
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Use online apps to help you manage your finances

One of the many wonders of the modern age is the proliferation of mobile apps to help you in whatever purpose you may require. As everyone is gearing towards utilizing online technology for work-from-home and online schooling opportunities, you might as well take advantage of available tools online to help you manage your finances better. Payment platforms now offer convenient ways to pay your bills online. Some even offer rebates for every payment you make, giving you more value for your hard-earned money.

Times may be tough now financially, but if you follow some of the tips mentioned above, there is no way you cannot ride this wave out and succeed.

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Mum Inspires: Realizations + Lessons Learned From COVID-19 {And Why It’s Important To Be Financially Prepared For Anything, Pandemic Or Not}

I have always been a “half glass full” kind of person. For me, there will always be a silver lining to everything ~ even in cases like the COVID-19 pandemic. While I know that the virus continues to take and threaten a lot of lives ~ and continues to impact the global economy, I like to think that this pandemic has also been an eye-opener of the things we can control. This includes the way we react to issues around us, the way we weed out the negativity around us, and, the way we plan our lives moving forward.

Because while the future is uncertain, we can always take steps to prepare today so we can worry less tomorrow. COVID-19 has affected our lives in different ways but the lessons we learned from it are essentially the same. Here are five lessons everyone learned or should learn, especially now that most of us are finally back to work.

Health is indeed wealth

Your health is your best asset ~ both physically and financially. Pandemic or not, protecting your health always comes first. And having good health and being in shape give you more energy to work hard for your family while pursuing your passions. Staying healthy saves you a lot of money too. After all, getting sick is not cheap. You have to pay for medicines, treatment, and confinement. Costs for COVID-19 treatment can reach millions, and so do other critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, renal failure, or stroke.

But if you do get sick {and often these illnesses will just strike without warning}, there are ways to make sure you are financially prepared. Protection plans like FWD Insurance’s Set for Health ensure that you have the money you need to pay for any medical bills. It allows you to claim up to three times against major critical illnesses ~ and if you remain healthy by 75 years old, you’ll get your money back.

Better to focus on the good and the positive

With all the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, the worst thing anyone can do is to spread more negativity and for people to jump in the bandwagon. Nothing will come out from ranting or complaining. One must look at themselves and just contribute in their own way, to make the current normal easier to deal and live with.

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Mum Finds: Affordable Insurance Plans from FWD Philippines

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

It is a must for every parent to get an insurance. A coverage is a practical way to secure our children’s future.

Unfortunately, I knew little about the importance of insurance. I did not find it necessary in my 20’s as I was young and healthy. Raising a child entails a lot of expenses that plans to get insured these past few years was put on hold.

Having said that, I am making it one of my financial goals to get an insurance this year. Timely, too, as I just recently discovered FWD Philippines’ affordable Kanduu insurance packages.

Kanduu Insurance in a nutshell

Kanduu is a set of insurance products that covers death, critical illness, or accidents. For an affordable fee of Php1,799 each a year, you can get yourself and your family covered.

Kanduu has 3 variants that covers every insurance need and with corresponding rewards, too!


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