needing a bigger space for my little man

I can’t believe that my little man will be turning 21 months in four days!

Time sure flies + I hardly had time to notice it! My once-little-baby is growing a little bit bigger everyday.  I bet he’s put on a few more pounds since the last time he tipped the scale at his pedia’s office at 15 kilograms +  I am also sure he’s grown a few inches taller since then (I was actually having trouble checking, since he won’t just stand still whilst I struggle to get his height measurement correctly, courtesy of this 7-foot Mickey Mouse marquee by our bedroom door :))

I bet in a few more days my son + I will have trouble trying to fit ourselves in our single bed where we sleep and hang around most of the time, yes, did I fail to mention that we co-sleep? As early as now, I’d like to check out shops and furniture stores, in search for a bigger bed or maybe I can try this warehouse of mattresses nearby. Perhaps they will have something that would fit both myself + my growing little boy at a much cheaper price!

If I’d have my way I’ll probably be moving in a much bigger space very soon, too, just so my son can have plenty of safe and clean space to play and move around. A house with a bigger room for me + my son + an extra room, which I’d convert into a playroom, where I’d place all of my son’s toys + things. We are really having quite a hard time trying to fit all of our stuffs in our bedroom, see. I’d probably have to look for a shelf or a custom-built closet, where I can keep all our other belongings, including Jared’s floaters, which are now either stashed underneath the bed or above the closet gathering dust! Moving into place of our own, will probably solve all my woes, but, alas, my purse + my paypal account can’t simply accommodate that at the moment.

Anyway, enough of my rants, I am simply stoked now that my little man is turning another month older. He will be turning 2 years old in 3 months time + he’d be needing a bigger space to thrive in too + we’ll just probably improvise for the time being.  But, if I can be afforded a simple request, I’d really wish he won’t grow up way too fast! 😉

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