Frozen: A Heartwarming Tale

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taking another look at Olaf at the Frozen marquee last year…

The latest Disney animated offering was creating quite a stir and I have been reading a lot about it in my Facebook timeline. The songs from the film were rendered in different languages and a lot of children the world over are smitten by this snowy tale. I got to watch Frozen with my boys when it was shown in local cinemas late last year.  Although the little man was not really raving about the film, well except for Olaf, perhaps, and wanted to leave even way before the film was through, I actually enjoyed it and agreed that Walt Disney created yet another animation classic children will enjoy even after a few generations from now.

The Frozen Nutshell

Disney films, movies, mum's thoughts

The story tells the tale of 2 sisters torn apart by an unknown magic that got the older sister, Elsa, to possess the ability to create snow and freeze everything around her. For fear of hurting others and hurting her own sister again, Elsa kept to herself inside her room, away from other people including her beloved little sister. It has been like that ever since Anna can remember and it even got worse when their parents were swept away in a sea storm in one of their travels.  Elsa stayed in her room and Anna never felt more alone. Until the day Elsa came of age and had no choice but to open up the gates of the palace to the rest of the world ~ the coronation day. It was greeted by excited anticipation by Anna, while Elsa was apprehensive and worried. One thing led to another and the rest of Arendelle was aware of their newly-crowned queen’s unusual ability.  Before everyone knows it, the place was buried in deep, deep snow as Elsa fled to the North Mountain and everyone else scampered to find solace from the cold. Anna braved the snow to bring her sister back and help her undo what she had done. Her path intertwined with that of Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven,Kristoff’s friends, the trolls, as well as with a character from Anna’s childhood, Olaf. Together, they set out to find Elsa and aimed to unfreeze the entire kingdom.

Why I love it?

  • Anyone who has a sister {or two} can definitely relate to the film and love it to bits! The way Anna never gave up on her sister and gave her life for her sister is enough to bring tears to any sister’s eyes.
  • I simply loved and enjoyed the beautiful songs in the film and one even got me LSSed many times over. Am sure your little ones have also bugged you on one too many occasions with the question “do you wanna build a snowman?” singing to the tune of Anna’s song. 
  • The plot that depicts the true love that bonds sisters Anna and Elsa sure is a welcome change from all the prince-and-princess-happy-ever-after fair tale and am sure mums would be at peace having their pre-teen girls see this flick instead of the romance-laden contemporaries.
  • Olaf. Need I say more? His cuteness simply made me wish I can build and have my own snowman, too!  :heart:

second image is from Disney Wiki

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Birthday Movie Date: Disney Planes

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at the SM North Cinema, after seeing the film

The little man had been wanting to see this new Disney movie, Planes, since he first saw the trailer on youtube. That is why on his very special day, we decided to go to Manila and watched the film as part of our celebration. After a hearty lunch at Aristocrat and a short visit to the toy store, where the little man got a complete set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, plus another new Cars diecast, as his birthday gifts, we then trooped to the cinema to finally see the film.

The characters in this movie are rather familiar as it was made by the same guys who created our favorite Cars film and this was a spin-off of our beloved Lightning McQueen adventures.

Planes in a nutshell

The film is all about Dusty Crophopper and his dream to be a high-flying air racer someday. The problem is as his name suggests, Dusty is not built for high-flying and racing as he is a simple crop duster plane. Even his mechanic friend, Dottie, advise him against it. But this will not dishearten Dusty, together with his friend, Chug, they practiced hard through the night so he can join the qualifiers for the upcoming race, Wings Across the World. Come race time, he wowed the audience and the contestants alike with his well-maneuvered moves and his bold flying. Unfortunately he came in 6th in the race where the first 5 qualified. But a sudden turn of events led a representative of the qualifier  to Dusty’s town  bearing the good news that he is now in 5th place as the original 5th placer was disqualified due to illegal activities.  Dusty then set out to train with navy war plane, Skipper, and worked on his speed and agility in preparation for the contest.

During the race, Dusty made friends with the eccentric Mexican race-plane El Chupacabra and fell in love with another race plane, Ishani. He also bumped into fellow racers, Ripslinger, who is the crowd favorite, as well as the beautiful French-Canadian racer, Rochelle.

The race brought Dusty and his fellow racers to different parts of the world, from New York to Iceland, to Germany, to Agra in India where they visited the Taj Mahal, to Nepal, to Shanghai, from Pacific Ocean to Mexico, and finally, back to New York for the finish. At the beginning of the race, Dusty started slow and always ended up last. Although, he slowly gained popularity among the racers and the spectators with his commendable show of sportsmanship and concern to his fellow racers. Towards the middle of the race, Dusty slowly gained speed and started placing in the race. And even when Ripslingers’ sidekicks, Ned and Zed tried to thwart him too often, he managed to land top spot in the race.

Dane Cook gives his voice to Dustry Crophopper while other popular celebrities also lend their talent to give life to the other characters, including Teri Hatcher {Dottie}, Cedric the Entertainer {Leadbottom}, Val Kilmer {Bravo} and Anthony Edwards {Echo}.

 Why We Love The Film

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getting ready to watch the film

Everybody loves the underdog so I bet everyone will love Dusty Crophopper and his adventures, the little man + I did! His story is one that inspires anyone to persevere and to work hard to be successful in the end. Also, apart from showing an all-too-familiar landscape and with the tractors making a cameo, Planes is very much like the movie Cars and Cars2, you’d expect Lightning McQueen and his friends showing up at any given time. The friendly yet fierce mechanic Dottie also reminds us of the lovable Guido.  😀 The little man also enjoyed the lovely songs played throughout the film.

Go watch it with your little ones, if you haven’t already! 🙂

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Saturday Family Bonding At The Mall

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the little man with his new Smurfs toys

We rarely plan a family activity on Saturdays since Jared has playschool on those days but this Saturday was an exception. We were supposed to go out yesterday to watch the movie, Turbo, but we were not able to do so, so we moved it for today. The little man wanted to see this film about snails who race so we trooped to SM Baliwag to finally watch it.

The mall was packed with shoppers because of the 3-day sale, but it was a good thing fast foods, as well as parking spaces, are not too cramped that we were able to park promptly and find an available table at McDonald’s in no time. We’d almost always choose Chowking since they have healthier food options and Jared just love their Pancit Canton, but after ordering his usual for takeaway, we headed to McDonald’s so that we can grab him a few Smurfs toys.

After having our stomachs filled, we headed to buy our movie tickets. It was still an hour or so before the movie started so I whisked my two boys to my favorite shop in the world, the bookstore, to look around. I was planning to buy some craft supply like colored papers and glue, which I shall be using for the little man’s birthday celebration.  Of course, I also made sure to get a stash of postcards, while we were there.

After paying at the bookstore’s till we proceed to the second-floor cinema. We are just in time as the last screening’s credits are just traversing on the big screen. The little man was all eyes as the movie played on.

All about Turbo

we were not able to take some snaps of the movie posters in the cinema…

Turbo is all about a small garden snail, Theo, who dreams of becoming a great racer just like his favorite Indianapolis 500 champ, Guy Gagne. His passion for anything that involves speed makes him the odd one out in the usually cautious and slow snail community, and a constant source of disappointment to his brother, Chet.

In his constant need for speed, he found himself on the road one night, taking a road trip courtesy aboard the zooming cars! One thing led to another and he landed on a drag racer’s car engine and had his DNA infused with nitrous oxide. The once-dreaming-of-speed snail became a speedster, zooming past everything in his wake. He went back to his snail community to share the good news with them but it all led to a catastrophe with a bike careening into the garden and destroying a big portion of their lazy little community. He was fired from his garden crew duties and was  ordered to leave the group because of his never-ending misdemeanors. His brother, Theo, whom he saved from pesky crows, was also fired from the garden.

Tito of Dos Bros Tacos found the unsuspecting garden snails and brought them to their lack luster strip mall and got them to race with a gang of other snails, led by Whiplash and his crew Burn, White Shadow, Smoove Move, and Skidmark. Human and snails alike were dazzled by Theo’s unbelievable speed and he instantly gain the respect of his new community. The ever-cautious Chet, meanwhile, was only reeking with disapproval for Theo’s new venture.

Meanwhile, Tito thought of one ambitious yet seemingly outrageous idea ~ he will enter his precious snail to the Indianapolis 500 race! Theo, who’ve christened himself, Turbo, was so excited about the idea and cannot wait to give the famed Indiana race track a go! They overcame a number of hurdles before Turbo was finally allowed to run the race.

And what do you know, the little snail won, beating 25 seasoned race care drivers, among them his ultimate favorite Guy Gangne and became quite a sensation! But did I say it was not his ultra-speed that won him the race? Oh well, that’s what you have to find out when you go see this film with your little ones.

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