Tips + Tricks: How To Move House Without Spending A Fortune

If you have just bought a brand new house, chances are you are up for saving money at every opportunity.

The cost of moving house can be more than you first think, once you factor in hiring a van, collecting boxes and packaging, switching all your energy suppliers, perhaps installing a phone line or sky box – the list goes on.

For some of these expenses there is help at hand with discount vouchers.

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Photo by HiveBoxx from Unsplash

Get plenty of helping hands

If at all possible get friends or family members with vans and trailers to help you move rather than hiring a removal company. It may take several trips but will be far cheaper.

If you are more of the “in need of someone to manage my move while I am at work” type, offer to cook dinner for everyone who gets on board to help rather than offering cash to save even more pennies. Most people will appreciate the gesture more anyhow and it’s a nice way to thank people whilst also celebrating your successful move.

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