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There is nothing like home-cooked meals to cap a tiring or a particularly stressful day. Apart from being prepared and cooked with love, these hearty, all-too familiar meals are tangible expressions of our mums’ love and affection, as well as of their promise to always nurture their children and their family.

My Mama has been gone for 8 years now but each time I taste a dish that tasted so much like her meals, it immediately brings me back to my childhood when my Mama would prepare all those delicious dishes for me and my siblings, it instantly brings me back to the time when I am eating the same dish in our dining table, bringing back all my fond memories of childhood, along with the warmth of my Mama’s love. The all-too familiar taste reminds me so much of the flavor of home.

My Mama is an excellent cook, try as I may, I will probably never be at par with the magic she can whip in the kitchen. But it is a good thing that through products like Knorr, I am never closer to achieving these familiar flavors of home in my own kitchen and serve these meals to my family.

This is what the recently-launched Knorr Video is all about. Aptly called “Flavour of Home,” the video depicts the story of Carmen who works far away in the Arctic and is brought back home at once through the familiar dishes prepared with Knorr that brings the delicious flavor of home and her mum’s cooking to her.

The emotional and heart-warming video portrays the latest research commissioned by Knorr stating that flavors make people feel happy and comforted. The same research also shows that no matter how much time has passed, people still find their mum’s cooking to be one of the greatest flavors on earth and that a great number of people agrees that a single taste of their mum’s cooking is enough to bring happy and fond memories of childhood, and I really cannot agree more.

Watch the video and let me know which dishes remind you so much of your childhood and the flavor of home. As for me, my mum’s spaghetti, kare-kare {stewed oxtail}, and dinuguan {pork blood stew} are just a few of my favorites.

Knorr in a nutshell

Knorr is one of the largest food brands in the world and their great-tasting products, including the iconic bouillon cubes and soups are sold in more than 87 countries. They have over 300 dedicated chefs who are true culinary experts representing more than 48 nationalities, making the company one of the biggest employers of professional chefs worldwide. Knorr is also committed to a sustainable future, responsibly sourcing agricultural ingredients and building sustainable practices.

This post has been sponsored by Knorr, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Ginataang Gulay Made Meatier With The New PORKSAVOR™

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I am a culinary-challenged mum and I have a limited knowledge about the kitchen and cooking. It was rather unfortunate that I was not able to inherit my Mama’s cooking prowess. It does not help that I have a very picky eater to feed and please come meal time. At the moment, the little man is not so adventurous about his food choices and would often stick with his staple food rather than trying out something new.

You’d probably wonder what I was thinking signing up for the Ajinomoto Cook and Blog Contest? Oh well, I have the same question traversing in my mind. Of course, I had to rule out cooking unfamiliar and elaborate dishes that I am not sure I can pull off. So, as my entry, I cooked this simple yet delicious dish ~ Ginataang Gulay.

I love any dish with coconut milk, so even when I am not adept at using the ingredient, I make it a point to cook something with gata every once in a while. I chose to prepare this meal as it was very easy and simple to prepare, it has very few, not to mention affordable, ingredients which you can readily get from your local grocers or the wet market. It is also economical as most ingredients, save for the pork cuts perhaps, cost less that Php30!

Let’s Cook Away

food, mum's cooking, Ajinomoto

As I’ve mentioned this is a very simple dish and I bet most of you mums have tried it in your kitchen on one or two occasions. I have no specific measurements for most of the ingredients but for the veggies, I opt for those pre-packed ones in the grocers, I just chose the size and amount which I thought would be enough for my dish.

Here are the ingredients for our Ginataang Gulay:

  • 1 medium-sized onions, minced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • about 400grams of squash, cut into cubes
  • about 400grams of string beans, cut in bite sizes
  • a cup of pork, cubed and seasoned with PORKSAVOR™
  • a cup of coconut milk {I used a sachet of a popular seasoning product for this dish}
  • salt and pepper to taste

Here’s how to cook the dish:

food, mum's cooking, Ajinomoto

  • Fry the cubed pork pieces until golden brown, set aside  food, mum's cooking, Ajinomoto
  • Saute onion and garlic in a non-stick pan
  • Add the vegetables and a 1/2 a cup of water
  • Boil until the veggies are a little tender
  • Add the coconut milk and simmer for 3 minutes
  • Add salt and pepper to taste

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bc bloggers meme 02: food nostalgia

My Mama is definitely a very excellent cook, + a lot of people, including relatives, friends + neighbors can attest to that. Needless to say, me + my 4 siblings are always stocked up on good home-cooked meals, which can be a very tasty kare-kare, sinigang or dinuguan, or a delicious spaghetti, or mouth-watering desserts like minatamis na saging (sweetened banana). But my most favorite of them all + the one that brings back all the good ol’ memories from my childhood, + I am finding it hard to find something that tastes exactly like it, is my mom’s macaroni salad. She always prepares one during Christmas + New Year’s celebration. I simply love  its comforting taste. I remember helping her prepare it (with my help extending to de-boning the chicken + shredding the chicken parts to tiny bits).  But more so, I remember the love + nurturing that goes with every home-cooked meal my mom prepares. Sigh, if only I can cook half as good as she does….

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