3 Top Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

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There are few things in the world that can improve someone’s quality of life as easily as good music. Aside from basic human necessities, music is an affordable and simple way to bring beauty into our every day lives. It’s more than a fun diversion. Music can help people heal, help childhood development, and more.

Music Relieves Stress

When people are faced with hard times, their lives tend to lose any glimmer of hope. It doesn’t matter whether their troubles are financial, medical, or dealing with grief. Music has real healing power. From classical melodies to catchy pop tunes, music can take your mind away from your troubles. There’s a reason why hospitals and nursing homes around the country invite volunteer musicians and singers to give concerts to their residents. There’s no cheaper way to inspire hope to the distraught. It reminds them that, in spite of their suffering, there are still things beautiful and worth living for.

Music Inspires Children

music, health and wellness, tips and tricks
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Studies have shown time and again the playing and listening to music helps growing children. Young musicians have benefited from better languages skills and higher test scores. On top of that, exposing your child to music doubles as valuable cultural education, deepening their appreciation for the arts.

Music Unites People

music, health and wellness, tips and tricks
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When a community begins to lose the threads that bind people, music can help restore them. There’s nothing more likely to gather people together than concert in a public park or a downtown block. In 2011, Sing For Hope sponsored Pop Up Pianos in New York, where they placed pianos all over the City for the public to play. It was a great success that fostered the arts community. If you feel like your town needs morale booster, promoting one of these may be what you need.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, then musical events are a wonderful option. Every city has local nonprofit groups that can benefit from time, donations, and musical talent to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. By getting your own children involved in lessons or attending events, then you are helping to bring culture and intelligence to a new generation. From expensive concerts to simple songs, music’s power can be used everywhere.

Mum’s two cents

Music has always been my go-to for whatever season I am at in life ~ it helped me deal with my loss when my parents passed on and also helps to keep their memories alive, it helps make the complexities of life a bit simpler and tolerable, and relaxes me whenever things seem too overwhelming. Music is one of the many things my dear father ingrained in us and I would love to pass it on to my little man.

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Side A Kicks Off Robinsons Malls’ Soundbites Music Festival

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It was one of those rare occasions when this mum gets to have a day off on a Saturday and went on to pursue a couple of things related to my passion ~ reading and music. I shall share all about the reading bit of my weekend off in a separate post. Meanwhile, let me share about my music experience at the Robinsons Malls’ Soundbites Music Festival.

One of my favorite local bands, Side A, kicks off this year’s Soundbites Music Festival at Robinsons Magnolia. It was my first time in this Robinsons Mall branch but I never had the difficulty locating the al fresco garden where the show is slated that day. I arrived at the venue a little past 6pm and everything was set up and just about ready for the show to start. A dinner feast was also prepared for VIP guests and I did enjoy the pesto pasta, as well as the beef salpicao and the desserts that was prepared for us.

announcement, events, music, music, weekends, Where-to-Weekend, concerts, Robinsons Malls

The lovely lady trio of Silk opened the show with lively current tunes, most of which I hardly recognize given that it has been ages since I have listened to the radio or watched MTV. But familiar or not, I did enjoy their repertoire. They even included a couple of hits from the 80’s much to the delight of older people  in the audience.

After the first set, a fun contest was held and members of the audience were asked to join. It was a pizza-eating contest and the boys group won over the girls group. The contestants all went home with gifts from Robinsons Malls.

announcement, events, music, music, weekends, Where-to-Weekend, concerts, Robinsons Malls

Another exciting performance followed and this time around a group of dancers called Fireflies gave a very enthralling dance number/object manipulation. Apart from their cool dance moves, they wowed the audience with their skills at manipulating a hula hoop and balls fire! I have never seen something like this before so I was really captivated by their performance.

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