Enjoy Robinsons Malls’ Soundbites Music Festival For Free + A Giveaway

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Robinsons Malls give you a great way to spend the remainder of your summer with Soundbites Music Festival. Co-presented by The Philippine Star, Robinsons give its loyal customers a chance to spend three lovely weekend nights of good food, singing and dancing together with Side A, Brown Man Revival and other top Pinoy artists.

Loyal mall visitors of Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila and Robinsons Magnolia can simply dine in at any participating restaurants and avail of a FREE entrance wrist tags for every Php500 purchase. Customers can redeem up to 4 wrist tags for purchases amounting more than Php2,000.

Here are the list of participating Robinsons restaurants

Robinsons Magnolia ~ valid purchases are from 13 April ~ 18 May, 20014

  • Arya, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Buffet 101, Chef Noodles, Cibo, Classic Savory
  • Conti’s, Cyma, Elias, Gaucho, Gumbo, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Lombardi’s, Magnolia Flavor House, Mannn Hann
  • Max’s, Miso Hana, Miso Ten, Mr. Choi Kitchen My Thai, Pasteleria La Terraza, Pho Hoa, Sizzling Pepper Steak
  • Sumosam, Tao Yuan, The Clubhouse, Uncle Cheffy, Yabu

Robinsons Place Manila ~ valid purchases are from 13 April ~ 24 May, 2014

  • Aji Sen Ramen Noodles, Almon Marina, Banana Leaf, C2 Classic, Cabalen, Cyma, Gerry’s Grill
  • Gumbo, Hainanese Delights, Healthy Shabu Shabu, Jack’s Loft, Mangan, Max’s, Mr. Choi Kitchen, New Bombay
  • Pancake House, Pepper Lunch, Pho Hoa, Racks, Recipes, Savory, Soi Thai, Tempura, The Aristocrat
  • The Old Spaghetti House, Yakimix

Robinsons Galleria ~ valid purchases are from 13 April ~ 30 May, 2014

  • Alex III, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Burgoo, Classic Savory, Giligan’s, Icebergs, Il Padrino, Jack’s Loft
  • Kalye Juan, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Mangan, Max’s, Mexicali, Mongkok, Mr. Choi Kitchn, TGI Friday’s
  • Pancake House, Papa John’s, Pho Hoa, Pizza Hut Bistro, Quiznos, Sci-Fi Cafe, Seoul Garden Hot Pot
  • Sizzling Pepper Steak, Sushi-Ya, Teriyaki Boy, Thai Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti House, Zoricho

Check here for the complete promo mechanics.

Here is your chance to win 2 Entrance Tags {1 winner} for the event

That’s right, you can win free entrance tags by following the easy-peasy tasks:

  • Like the Robinsons Malls Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/RobinsonsMalls
  • Follow the Robinsons Malls Official Instagram Page, https://instagram.com/RobinsonsMallsofficial/
  • Follow the Robinsons Mall Twitter Page, https://twitter.com/RobinsonsMalls
  • Share this post on Facebook and Twitter and including the hashtags #SoundBitesAtRobinsons and #RobinsonsMusicFestival
  • Comment on this post with your particulars {Facebook, Twitter and Instagram id}. Include the date {choose between May 17, 18, 23, 24 or 30} you’d be available to watch Soundbites Music Festival.
  • This giveaway runs until 10am of 14 May and the lucky winner to win 2 entrance passes will be announced  on 15 May.
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Mum Inspires: Spend More Time With Your Children

I know that we live in a very fast and ever-demanding world, with one too many things competing for our attention all at the same time ~ the chores, our work, our personal aspirations ~ sometimes we lose sight of what truly matters in life.

Last year, I am guilty that I have been rather busy working online that I left my son to his own devices on one too many occasions. You’d probably wonder if I am a stay at home mum I ought to have plenty of time to spend with my little man, right? Well, that’s absolutely wrong! Even when I stay at home on most days, there are just way too many things to do and I was often preoccupied with other things.

That is why for this year 2014, one of my personal goals is to spend more time with Jared. I made plans to finish my chores early in the morning and my online work late at night, while he is still fast asleep so that he will have my undivided attention when he’s awake.

Children grow way too fast and soon enough they will have business of their own and will have more things to occupy their time and their minds. That is why it is a must that mums of toddlers like me make the most of the moment when we are the center of their universe and take advantage of the fact that they are still 100% dependent on us. For it will be over sooner than we think.

I stumble  upon this video while I was hunting for everything Zachary Levi on youtube. This is one of the songs in the Broadway musical, First Date, and I think this song is a perfect reminder for us mums to spend time with our children while we still can. Need I say I cried a river when I first saw this? I can almost taste and feel the regret in the mum’s voice as she sings. Do watch it and let me know your thoughts, right?

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hanson live in manila

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The Hanson brothers are in Manila for their Shout It Out Tour. They are slated to perform at Smart-Araneta tomorrow, 30 March, + in Waterfront, Cebu, the next day. + as of this writing my baby sister is probably going gaga over these 3 talented lads in SM North EDSA, where they have an album signing tonight. The little man + I would’ve loved to come but we had a change of plans before the event. I would’ve loved to photograph my Jared beside these guys + hope the he will grow up to be like them in the future: well-rounded, grounded, talented + inspiring individuals.

hanson, music, events, concertsWe have loved this band since the first time they came out in 1997, the Mmmbop era. Back when people are debating whether the lead vocalist, Taylor, is a boy or a girl, we are falling deeply with this group ‘s songs + their very first album, Middle of Nowhere. It was my sister, Cel, who is hit the hardest + went on to see them perform live in Manila for the first time in 2004. 

I must say my favorite Hanson album will have to be This Time Around + my most favorite song is Love Song + this is how this goes:

We talked about love a million times it seems
The words come out our lips like we forgot what it means
We said we’d be together ’til death do us part
But we said those words with only half our hearts

In this life long love song
You can love right you can love wrong
In this love song you can love long
And if you love wrong it doesn’t mean love’s gone

What can I say, I used to be a sucker for this kind of songs…+ if I were not a mother, I would probably one of those people lining up tomorrow to see them live in concert. I would most definitely enjoy it. Oh well, I will just wait for the stories from my sister. She must have a lot as she is lucky to win a slot at the Hanson pre-concert Meet + Greet, too, I know some people are just darn lucky! 🙂

music, hanson, concerts, events

Anyway, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you might as well cram + get one from this groupon site, they are offering the upper box tickets at half the price. Check out the deal here: https://www.ensogo.com.ph/manila/hansons-live-in-manila-03282012.html

Am sure this Hanson concert will be a blast, it’s just too bad that I cannot go to the show. But, nevertheless, there’s no reason why I cannot enjoy a Hanson show on youtube, right? I would check out a video + I’ll watch it with my little man tomorrow. 🙂

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