NaBloPoMo + My November To-Do List

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I cannot believe that October simply zoomed by and we are welcoming yet another month today. Yes, after the observance of All Saints’ Day , the Christmas season is once again here! The merriest and the busiest season of all, really. If you ask me, I feel like I have a gazillion of things to do now that it is barely 60 days before the year is about to end and I shall be checking the goals I’ve list down at the beginning of the year and see if I have accomplished a few of them {which I am hoping I did really!}. Numerous things are traversing off the top of my head at the same time, thinking of the many things I have yet to finish or start. My to-do list will be brimming this month and I do hope to get ahead of the pack and finish off a number of them early.

Here are a bunch of stuff on my to-do list for this month:

  • Tidy up our closet for stuff we no longer use and prepare those for donation
  • Wash a pack of the little one’s toys that we are bringing to the nearest Jollibee soon, in support of their Christmas toy drive
  • General cleaning at home
  • Putting up our Christmas tree {which I intend to do once I finish part of the general cleaning}
  • Go to my OB {I know, I have put this off unnecessarily and it is a must that I visit before the year ends}
  • Visit the dentist
  • Jumpstart my new meditation class {and I am just excited!}
  • Go back to the yoga center
  • Saving up for a shelf or another closet so I can finally tidy up the living room and free it of the little man’s toys and things!

I do hope I’d be able to make time for all these items and a few more.

NaBloPoMo 2014

So here comes the NaBloPoMo bit. I stumbled upon this blogging challenge while browsing through the numerous posts on our Mommy Bloggers Philipppines Group and was drawn. I just love these challenges, especially those that will encourage me to write and fill up this blog on a daily basis and by posts I mean the personal post that I love to write but cannot find the time to do so, instead of the press releases, the obligation posts and events posts that I have probably bombard you with of late. Sorry about those, as their nickname suggests, I really have to write all about them. 

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