bedtime blunders + jared’s unusual sleeping pattern

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Gone are those days when I can predict my son’s daily activities. He would wake up at 9am, then will take a bath at 10am or 11am, after that I will give him a bottle or feed him lunch then he will be off to Napland by 12noon! + mummy can work with whatever household chore or online task she had lined up for the day. Simple + easy, right? The formula had been fool-proof + I was able to manage without a sweat (well I break a sweat keeping up with all the chores whilst looking after the little man, but still I managed!). The routine will be repeated again at night + he will be off to Dreamland by 10pm the latest. That’s after he played with his toys, watched a bit of nursery rhymes or his fave shows on the computer + done with his dinner + a bottle or two (+ of late, would you believe it, three bottles!)

Nowadays, the routine seemed irrelevant as his sleeping patterns started to be erratic! He’d take a nap later in the day. Sometimes, around 4 or even later at 5pm or 5:30pm (I did not have the heart to not allow him to sleep this late, especially when he is just way too sleepy :(). This would result to unpredictable sleeping patterns come night time, too. I’d put him to bed at the usual time of 10 + do the whole thingamajigs: turn off the light + put the lamplight on, shoo away who ever’s in front of the PC to avoid distraction, give him a bottle or two +  sing to him while tapping on his thigh softly. To no avail. After painstakingly going through all that, he’d suddenly jerk + stand up + starts playing around the bed, even making a playarea out of mum, too! He’d ask for another bottle + I’d willingly obliged, only to find out he’d just did so he can be free to go down from bed + head to his table of toys + grab a car or two!

I would then ask him to go back to bed, give him the bottle + start putting him back to sleep. The cycle goes on for an hour or so + by the time he actually fell asleep, I was actually sleepy + exhausted myself that I would never find the will to get up + do some work in the computer (I used to do all the blog updates + whatnot whilst the little man is asleep at night, see.  I am more productive when I work at night as I am such a nocturnal person) which resulted to a lot of backlogs in my blogs. Last week, I even missed one article (am only glad the friend asking me to write them is gracious enough to understand my situation :))! Of course, I wouldn’t want to miss out on other earning opportunities in the future or miss out on updating my blogs, too!

I am thinking of ways on how my son will fall back to the old sleeping patterns. I was also thinking maybe having the computer inside the room is really not the most ideal of set-ups. But, it is the only way I can work late at night while I keep watch on him or manage somehow to be up-to-date with my friends during daytime while I focus on my childminding duties at the same time, too!  It was also most convenient to have the PC at arm’s reach instead of going to the living room to watch the news on the tellie, for example. If something came up I can easily Google it up + check out live streaming  in the net to be updated with current events.

Well, on second thought, the erratic sleeping pattern may just well be a sign of my little man growing up. He will be turning 2 in a few weeks’ time + it is just probably manifesting in different facets of his personality. Oh, well, I should probably deal with it as it is + see how we survive the phase.

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