Mum Shares: Sarmiento Offers Solution To EDSA Traffic

House Transportation Committee Chair and Samar 1st District Representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento unveiled the blueprint of his proposed centralized and synchronized bus dispatch system which would turn the EDSA’s rowdy and chaotic city buses into a fast, efficient, and predictable mass transport system.

Sarmiento, a civil engineer, disclosed the full details of his proposal after announcing that his panel is closely working with the Department of Transportation (DoTr) to craft a roadmap which would solve EDSA’s traffic problem.

In his proposal, Sarmiento said that the innermost lane of EDSA will serve as an “express bus lane” which can be accessed through stations used by the MRT. Like a carousel, the “express bus lane” will just circle around EDSA, duplicating the route of the MRT.

“People who use the MRT can now have the option to ride the bus which will be also operated like carousel. The buses will only load and unload passengers in a synchronized manner at the MRT stations so they are basically an extension of the MRT. Walang magiging traffic dyan because the entire inner lane from Taft Avenue to North Avenue and vice-versa will be enclosed and exclusive to the express bus lane ,” Sarmiento said.

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Mum’s Two Cents: The Importance Of Cooperation Between The PNP + LGUS

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Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde

PNP + LGU In the News

I read an Inquirer News article about the Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde talking about a city mayor who behaved childishly. The mayor was said to be irked because he was not informed of the promotion of the city’s current Chief of Police and the appointment of a new acting chief of police. He was also reported to have withdrawn support for the local policemen and cancelled a day’s worth of gas allowance for police mobiles.

National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar confirmed later on that the government official who made such “childish acts” is Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro.

mum's two cents, Philippines Today, news, current issues
National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar

According to our law, a mayor can appoint a local Chief of Police from a list of candidates recommended by the PNP. In accordance to this law, the PNP can also assign an OIC before the mayor appoints a permanent chief of police. Albayalde also added that the law does not mandate the PNP to inform local officials regarding reassignment of the chiefs of police in their areas.

Childish Acts are Unacceptable

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Mum’s Two Cents: The Good Cops + The Bad Cops In PNP

The Bad Cops

The number of policemen making the news for doing something illegal is really a cause for alarm. Recently, Police Cpl. Marlo Quibete was nabbed for extorting money from a buy-bust suspect. In another headline, Police Officer 1 Ferdinand Rafael was accused of peddling illegal drugs.

mum's two cents, news, Philippines today, current issues
Police Cpl. Marlo Quibete getting a scolding from NCRPO Chief Director Eleazar

As these unscrupulous policemen appeared in the news, so did NCRPO {National Capital Region Police Office} Chief  Director Guillermo Eleazar. Oftentimes, you would see him scolding these wayward policemen. In another occasion, he simply lost his patience and got physical while giving one cop a lecture for his wrongdoing. I understand the outburst and I can only imagine his frustrations.

The police have sworn to protect the people and uphold peace and order in our country. But what happens when these people tasked to protect us meddled in drugs or illegal activities? Can they keep the public’s trust by getting involved in the things from which they are duty-bound to protect us?

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