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On 22 November, Jared + mum went to Nuffnang + Off’s Tea Party at the lovely Lemuria in Quezon City. It was both our first time to attend a tea party +, apart from mum having a hard time running after my little man who’s in his rowdy usual self, we did have a wonderful time together! A few of the highlights of the event include a photo booth with a lovely tea party set where mums + kids had their souvenir photos taken. Samples of Off! Lotion was also given out to the participating mums. Delectable appetizers, bread + pasta were also served for mums + kids to enjoy.  They even provided story-telling + crafts-making activities for the little ones to enjoy whilst the mums enjoyed the program proper.

The tea party, hosted by mum-of-three, host + TV personality, Suzie Entrata-Abrera, is the launch of a new portal of information, ideas + tips for mums, Top Moms. Pioneered by two mum experts: Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Vazquez +  all-around mum, Dr. Empress Carlos-Villapando.

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekendsOff!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends



The Top Moms site is launching very soon. In the mean time, you can check out the working site to have a preview of what this new + exciting site has to offer. Sample features such as Photo of the Week or Question of the Week. Since I love online quizzes, I tried the Are You A Top Mom? quiz + here’s what the result said:

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends

I did have a hard time keeping up with my little one, who probably got all too excited with the site of that many little children, but, I had a great experience seeing mum friends + their kiddos again + meeting new ones.  All in all it was a wonderful afternoon + a worthwhile experience. Thanks Maris for the invite 🙂

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends

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transformers dark of the moon special screening

movie poster image from

I was one of those lucky blogger who got to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon at the Shang CinePlex on 29 June. It was a Wednesday + not wanting to be late for the 6PM event I left home really early. Thank goodness my bro was around so someone can keep an eye on my little man whilst mum is away! I was to rendezvous with Jared’s dad in Shangri-La since he will be coming from work in Makati.

I ? 'Bee

Before the screening, we got to take photos of the Autobots + Decepticons cosplayer (sorry but I do not have a photo taken with Bumblebee :(), munch on some delicious finger foods + down them with iced tea + have our photos taken at the photo booth (I was solo in my photo as Jared’s dad is such a killjoy + would not want to have his photos taken)! I was also able to mingle + have little chats with some mommy bloggers who attended the event.

Sentinel Prime

I was excited to see this film! Having watched the first two films (in BlueRay since I was not able to catch it in the big screen), I became such a fan of Bumblebee, he is simply adorable + I remember I cried in that part of the film where Mikaela (played by Megan Fox) carried him in the back of her car to bring him some place safe. It was really such a touching scene + it endeared Bumblebee to my heart.

a kid posing with Optimus Prime

The new Transformers installment begins with Sam Witwicky (played by Shia LaBeouf), a few months after graduation (+ awarded a medal of honor given by no less than the president of United States) + hunting for a job. He finds himself at the mercy of his new girl, Carly Spencer (played by Victoria Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), living in her apartment + receiving lunch money from her!

all by my lonesome self in this souvenir shot by

Well, the good stuff began with NEST + the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, going to the moon to retrieve something from a ship that was originally investigated by Neil Armstrong + his comrades in 1960’s (yes, the landing on the moon has other unmentioned intentions or where you not reading any conspiracy theory books lately?). They discovered the Ark, the ship that fled Cybertron during the war + is believed to be carrying a technology that could revive the planet, + Sentinel Prime with a host of pillars in it! Optimus revived Sentinel Prime using the matrix of leadership.

It turned out, Sentinel Prime made a pact with the Decepticons’ leader, Megatron, + together they plan to bring back Cybertron to life here on Earth! Through the use of the technology, which Sentinel Prime designed himself, they plan to teleport the entire planet of Cybertron into our atmosphere.

Familiar and endearing characters come back for a third time including Lennox (Josh Duhamel), Epps (Tyrese Gibson), + the hilarious yet very effective, Seymour Simmons (played by John Turturro) with the addition of more endearing characters, including Jerry Wang (who, unfortunately has to die early, but it was all part of the great plot, so I cannot really complain about it :D),  Secretary of Defense, Charlotte Mearing (portrayed by Frances McDormand), the comical, Bruce Brazos (John Malkovich) + a surprising role by Patrick Dempsey, who played the part of Dylan Gould, Carly’s very well-off boss who gifted her with a Mercedez + ticked Sam to no end!

This particular film also boast of heart-stopping action + fight scenes + will delight fans of all ages + will make you cross your fingers for a fourth film! Kudos to Michael Bay for another amazing work! Apart from that, it also boasts of a powerhouse soundtrack, with songs by well-known bands like Paramore, Linkin’ Park, + my all-time favorite (okay, one of my all-time favorite) The Goo Goo Dools, who were back for the third time too! I simply love their contribution to this soundtrack, All that you Are.

Okay, the spoiler stops here, you have got to see this film, if you haven’t already, do not just take my word for it,  it will be worth every cent of your hard-earned money!

The credits traversed + I was already longing to see it one more time 😀

The film was one heck of a roller coaster ride + the event is just one worthwhile gathering I am glad I was invited. Thanks Nuffnang + PLDT MyDSL! Here’s to more exciting event in the future 🙂

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PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from ho-hum to oohlala!

Back in the days when I was just scouting for the best internet provider to get for my PC at home, in preparation to my being a stay-at-home mum + possibly a work-at-home one too, PLDT is the first company I checked out. I wanted to apply for their myDSL plan since I’ve been hearing rave review about it! So off I go to the local PLDT brach in our place, with Jared + Jared’s dad in tow, + a lot of anticipation, too. I was greeted by an amiable help desk but my heart sank several fathoms down when I found out that they cannot accommodate my application since the slots (or whatever they call them) intended for our humble barangay is surprisingly filled to the brim! You can only imagine my disappointment, I settled for the next best thing but until now, I keep thinking my PC, albeit old + rusty (at least figuratively, that is! 😉 would probably perform faster + better with PLDT myDSL in its arsenal!

So, just imagine how lonely I’d become when I found out that PLDT is now offering free speed upgrade to all its myDSL Plan 3000 subscribers, where the lucky subscribers can get free + unlimited speed boost of up to 5 mbps from their old 3 mbps. With internet speed of 5 mbps, I can:

  • download + upload photos + videos much faster
  • download my favorite mp3’s + tunes online in a breeze
  • download my son’s favorite Pocoyo at 2x, or maybe, even 3x its usual speed
  • watch movies + videos online, sans the hassle of slow or intermittent connection
  • play my favorite Facebook game without a glitch!
  • +, probably what’s more exciting, I can update my blogs more efficiently + with minimal stress!

I can transform my otherwise slow PC into one-mean-online machine, heck, I’d probably transform myself into a one-mean-online worker if powered by 5 mbps! It would have been cool! Much like how cool it was to be transforming into a Nuffnanger from just being a plain Jane blogger! As a lucky Nuffnanger, I get to have all those colorful + lovely ads on my blogs. It means I get a chance to earn from them in the near future, too! + not only that, I also get to watch free movies + get invited to exciting + wonderful events (I am making separate posts about these experiences!) where I get to meet other Nuffnangers like me! What more can I ask for, really? Well, just a better internet connection, I guess! 😉

Sigh! I just wish there is another way I can get my hands with PLDT myDSL! For all you luckier creatures out there, visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!

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