Parenting 101: Of Toddlers + Home Safety

Image is by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep our home safe for our little ones. The safety and security of our loved ones at home is among our top responsibilities as mums. It is also our responsibility to re-align these spaces to accommodate the needs, desires, and idiosyncrasies of the little dweller in the house. We don’t just need to keep our dwelling place spic ‘n span. More importantly, we need to make sure that our toddlers have enough space to roam around. We also need to ensure that these areas of the house are safe enough for little children to crawl into.

I have enumerated a few tips on how we can secure the house for our little children:

Secure those plugs

For some reasons sockets are just way too attractive for toddlers so make sure you install plug protectors to each socket visible and accessible to your kiddos to prevent them from trying to plug and unplug appliances without you noticing it.

Dials, knobs, and security

Apart from relocating breakable stuffs, like vases and mirrors, out of children’s reach, make sure that they will not gain access to knives and other pointy objects in the kitchen. Shiny objects found in the kitchen might be too much of an eye candy, so make sure you keep the stove’s dials and knobs away from those chubby little fingers, too. For additional security, it won’t hurt if you will keep Fire extinguishers from fire protection online at the ready in case anything untoward happens. To elevate your home security even a notch higher, installing Alarms for home might very well be the best option for you.

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