Mentoring Minds: An Effective Tool to Raise Critical Thinkers

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It ought to be one of goals to raise critical thinkers who will be part of solutions in the future, instead of the problem. Children who will be forerunners of change and growth when it is their time ~ luminaries and trailblaizers. Critical thinking, after all, plays a signifacant role in one’s success may that be in school, at work, or in life in general. Raising our children to be such is no easy feat, in fact, we needed all the help we can get. With the dawn of technology and the birth of gadgets, short attention span and people’s tendencies for instant gratification,  this task will actually be no walk in the park.

It was a good thing, that because of the very same technology, materials and tools to propagate critical thinking among young children is also at the tip of fingers. With, we gain access to valuable tools and instructions on how we can raise our children to be forward thinkers  with one click of a button.  Get guidelines on bullying prevention, behavior strategies or on ADD/ADHD. The Mentoring Minds team developed that yield real results in real classrooms, by utilizing decades of academical experience. These proves beneficial to both teachers in the classroom and for parents who educate their children at home. Choose from a wide array of products for Reading and Math and get the help you need in raising your children and your students to be critical thinkers.

To know more about their products, request a catalog now. You can even choose between a Texas K-12 Fall 2012 Catalog and National K-12 Fall 2012 Catalog.

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online resources for mums, site review, reviewsPregnancy opened up a whole new world for me and without a mum to guide me throughout this exciting yet difficult, thrilling yet frightening phase in my life, I turned to pregnancy and parenting books and other publications, as well as parenting online sites to show me the ropes. I was rummaging through motherhood topics upon topics in the forum of this parenting site I’ve signed up for to search for helpful tips and essential tidbits of information, or at some point, a virtual pat on the shoulder when everything seems to be not going my way, which I was able to use while I was pregnant, and later on when I gave birth and became a mum.

Parenting sites have really been an indispensable part of my motherhood journey that is why I am thrilled to share with you a new site that I am sure will be able to guide and help you as you go along your own parenting journey, too ~ in a nutshell

reviews, site review, online resources for mumsIt is a portal of valuable information, useful tricks and latest news on anything and everything parenting, with nuggets of wisdom you can use at whatever phase of parenting you might be in at the moment. For those in the Pre-conception stage, you will find useful tips about Ovulation Calculator as well as useful suggestions for those who are having trouble getting pregnant on the Preconception tab.  You will get everything you need to care for yourself and the baby in your tummy at every trimester, as well as a comprehensive pregnancy guide on the Pregnancy tab.

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Ever since I became a mum, I have always been fascinated about homeschooling + dreamed of homeschooling my little man one day. I do not know much about educating little children, all I know is that I am a mum who would love to teach her little one way before he goes to the big school, to teach him the essentials + the basics at home before he learns it from other people. + hopefully, I can home school him through out his elementary school days!

I have witnessed a number of parent-homeschooler in the EXPO Kid last month + I have really been moved by their passion + yearn to do the same for my kiddo. Jared is almost 3, + I believe that now is probably the right time we start our little home school. + I am doing my homework + checked out loads of homeschooling resources online just to get a bird’s eye view of how it truly works and, simply put, to know where to start + know which things to teach my little tot!

I have stumbled upon these very interesting sites which I shall be sharing with you in the future. They have loads of posts, instructions, tips + free printables to aid our homeschooling journey. One even has a blow-by-blow account of how their homeschooling go about in a day just to give her readers a clear picture of how interesting + amusing it is to educate your children by yourself + I am loving every bit of this! I am really having information-overload + is just overwhelmed at the amount of things to do + learn. But, I do hope I will be able to get over the initial shock + jump-start our class very soon. Thank goodness for the world wide web, it has been a goldmine for relevant information on blogging, motherhood, + a whole lot more. Now I am learning all these new things on homeschooling too, + I do not even need to spend money on homeschooling books so I can spend it on other important things like homeschooling supplies! 😉

As a minor preparation, I bought a few arts ‘n crafts supplies the last time we visited the bookstore a few weeks back. I got the little man a new set of crayons, a bunch of cute soccer ball erasers {which he now plays + counts + puts on his toy cars as passengers sometimes, too!}, a pair of blue safety scissors for the little hands to get busy + a drawing book where he can create numerous doodles when he feels like it!

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