eGetinnz The Newest Accommodation Rental Booking Site!

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Get Closer to the World

A new accommodation booking site hits the web and offers more than its counterparts.

With travel being amongst the top industries it’s no wonder that there have been many services to pop up. eGetinnz joins the fray but with a unique take not only offering travel booking and vacation rental but being an all in one portal for your travel desires.

There are accommodations that can suit your needs in almost any place of your choosing. Be it by a beach, the outdoors, on a waterfront, in the city or in the country, eGetinnz gives you affordable stay options.
The best way to immerse yourself in any place you travel is to live amongst the local folks. What better way than to stay in a local home.

announcement, travel, press release, online

Vacation rentals are cost effective allowing you to pay for only a fraction of the cost you would have spent at a hotel. You won’t have to miss those creature comforts when you’re traveling.
eGetinnz also provides you a guide of recommended places from attractions to dining options. Discover what the city offers with our suggestions.

Visit eGetinnz at to start your journey. Create an account as a guest or host and navigate through our site with ease. Be assured of verified reservations, unlimited access to your rentals and privacy through our protected payment gateways. You may also follow egetinnz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Apex Imports For Convenient Online Shopping

Mums are the epitome of being busy and we need all the help we can get to make life easier. If there is anything ~ a product or a service ~ that will allow us to effectively manage our time and perform the many daily tasks we have, then it is all good in our book.

Online shopping is one of the many wonders of modern technology that has helped mums in so many ways. With the advent of many stores setting up shop online, we can now conveniently shop for purchase just about anything with a few clicks of our mouse button. Shopping online indeed is one of mum’s favorite weapon of choice, and has saved many of us from trouble and inconvenience.

This is the reason why I am delighted to introduce a new online shopping site that I bet most mums will like ~ Apex Imports Marketing, Inc.

Apex Imports Marketing, Inc. in a nutshell

Apex Imports brings a wide variety of household products to consumers, as well as various items to retailers. With products ranging from bathroom accessories, household items, kitchenware, office supplies, pill boxes, photo frames, novelty gifts, and a lot more.

Apex Imports offer wholesale rates making it a perfect choice for customers who are planning to put up their own businesses, as well as for franchise businesses looking for suppliers. It is also ideal for those companies looking for corporate promotional items, and for mums like us looking for novelty party favors or unique pieces to display in our homes.

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Shopping from Apex Imports is very elementary. Let me walk you through the website and I tell you, navigating your way around the many tabs, as well as making purchases is easy as pie!

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Like a number of online shopping sites, you have to register first and create your own account before getting into some serious shopping spree. Not to worry, as creating an account will not take you more than a couple of minutes and all you have to do is key in a couple of pertinent personal information, including your name, address, and mobile number.

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iPrice Makes Online Shopping Easier + More Convenient

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iPrice: Your One-Stop Shopping Destination

Ever since I discovered online shopping several years ago I have since thought it was a God-send for stay-at-home mums like me who hardly have time to spare for going to the mall {can you imagine the preparation and the effort that went into pulling off a trip to the mall with a tot in tow? Stressful at best and each trip had to be carefully planned out, I tell you!}. With the dawn of online shopping, I can simply browse through numerous online shops at my most convenient time {mostly during the wee hours of the morning when I badly need a break from doing online work and to reward myself for a job well done} and in my PJ’s, to boot!

Today, I will tel you all about a new site that will revolutionize your online shopping experience. Introducing iPrice, Your One Stop Shopping Destination.

iPrice in a nutshell

online shopping, mum finds, Online Services
iPrice: Top Coupon Codes and Offers

Online shopping is a big complex jungle and to make it simpler and easier for all of us, iPrice gathers together a multitude of brands and products from reputable e-commerce shops in Asia and globally onto one platform. This surely revolutionizes online shopping experience and totally eliminates those long and tedious hours jumping from one online shop to another in search for products and items you want to buy.

Not only that, iPrice also placed these products and brands along with relevant sales, exciting offers and tempting promos, making online shopping all the more convenient. There are many fashion items, like clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry, to choose from, as well as a bevy of other categories that any online shopper would find relevant. My personal faves will have to be the Kids + Toys, Home + Living, and the Media + Books categories and since it is summer now and I am eyeing to get the little man a new set of swimming gears, I also like the Water Sports tab under the Sports + Outdoors Category.

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