Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic: A Healthier + Painless Way To Care For Our Teeth

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children

I only managed to bring my child to the dentist once {you can read about our experience in this post here} and since I was told that my little man will have to be sedated to have his teeth cleaned, I backed out and decided for Jared to have his chompers checked out when he is a bit older and can easily handle the stress and the trauma. I was taken aback by the sedative which my son has to take and prayed since then to find a better and healthier dental service that will not involve sedating little children while cleaning their milk teeth. I was actually on the look out for another pediatric dentist to bring my son for teeth cleaning this summer so he will have clean, white teeth in time for school this June.  Although I’ve already found local pediatric dentists in our city, I am still undecided thinking they’d just offer the same treatment that includes sedative and other medicine until I got an invite to visit the Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic.

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children
Dr. Urbi explaining how bad oral habits damage a child’s face

Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic, a first of its kind in the Philippines, is a brainchild of Davao-based orthodontics maverick, Dr. Gamaliel Urbi. He pioneers Myobrace Orthodontics in the country and is frequently asked to give talks about Myofunctional Orthodontics in different countries in Asia. Dr. Gamaliel is also the owner of the local MRC Clinic franchise. MRC Clinic or Myofunctional Research Clinic is an Australian-based dental concept technology that introduces innovative and holistic ways of improving dental and facial development of growing children ages 5 to 15. This one-of-a-kind dental clinic opened its first branch in 2009 and currently has 4 branches nationwide, located in different Ayala Malls in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. 

A Healthier Dental Care

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children
Dr. Urbi talks about his niche + his passion to help children with dental problems

Listening to Dr. Urbi talk about their holistic dental care and the fascinating stories of the children patients, and their dramatic transformation illustrated by photographs, he has treated over the years is simply an eye-opener. I must admit, I did have a limited idea of how dental hygiene will impact the lives of our children. I thought it was as simple as keeping the teeth healthy so the children won’t have to endure annoying toothaches, painful dental treatments, expensive procedures, or worse, an embarrassing tooth loss. I overlooked that unhealthy teeth can also be a primary reason for facial deformation, as well as in children having low self-esteem and confidence.

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children
a number of children treated at the Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic

It was also very interesting to find out that Dr. Urbi’s treatment include a whole lot more in the process than merely cleaning children’s teeth, giving them orthodontic medicine and installing braces. In fact, there was never a time he mentioned they sedate children even while during oral prophylaxis. For mums like me who are weary of having these medicine in our children’s body, it sure is quite a relief to find a dental clinic that do away with sedatives and the like.

The revolutionary treatment Green Apple Dental offers includes teaching children to breath through the nose. Most mums are unaware that a lot of children are mouth-breathers and have learned to practice it through a number of different reasons including poor nutrition and bad posture. Even the practice of giving pacifiers to little babies can also result to them being mouth-breathers when they grow older, which in turn can pose a number of health issues and problems. Little did we know that our mouths are not really designed for breathing, and when children breathe through their mouths, they also inhale pollutants and allergens in their surrounding directly to their lungs, which in turn can make them sensitive and sickly and susceptible to a number of diseases. It is a healthy practice to keep the mouth closed and breathe through the nose, as our noses, with its natural filters called cilia, are designed to help us take the air in without inhaling the dirt around us.  Can you imagine that by simply teaching our children the proper way of breathing through the nose, they become healthier, with straighter teeth and nicer-looking faces, too?

Green Apple Dental teaches children the Buteyko Breathing Method, developed by the Russian respiratory specialist Dr Konstantin Buteyko. Apart from helping children get improved facial appearances and straighter teeth, it also provides benefits for people with asthma, diabetes, hormonal disorders, migraine, hypertension and digestive disorders.

Myofunctional Orthodontics in a nutshell

products, oral hygiene, dental services for children, children health, services for children
this image is courtesy of blogger friend, Vance

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Lovin’ Swish This Season Of Love

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab
my Valentine showing the remnant of his not-so-ordinary day

Being a mum knows no season. And, yes, even in this heartwarming season of Love {which we never celebrate at home, anyway} our mum duties come first. We were having quite a very interesting, not to mention just a tad stressful, Valentine’s Day, but it was a good thing I can count on Swish to make sure I have clean and fresh breath as I whisk myself and the little man off to one eventful day! I know Jared was also feeling the pressure that day, too, so I made sure I took him out on our very own Valentine’s date in his favorite restaurant, after all the hullabaloo.

Swish Mouthwash in a nutshell

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

Our friends from Unilab generously sent me this Swish package recently and just in time, too! Nothing beats keeping someone brimming with confidence than having fresh breath, won’t you agree, as it makes you feel ready to face every task or challenge at hand while managing to put on a winning smile! 🙂

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

I made a review of the Swish Mouthwash products not too long ago and I really enjoy using the different variants they have available, including the handy and convenient Breath Spray and the Mangosteen Mint, Peppermint Fresh and Cinnamon Blast Mouth Wash varieties.  This time around, Innovitelle, Inc. came out with yet another new and exciting mouth wash flavor that is simply a must-try ~ the Icy Choco Mint Mouthwash!

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

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Product Review: Get Fresh Breath In A Swish

oral hygiene,  personal hygiene products, personal hygiene, products, review, product review
Swish product range

I had great experience using Swish Mouthwash before, so when a dear blogger friend asked me if she can send over Swish products in exchange for my honest review, I readily agreed. You’d think I won’t have to worry about keeping my breath fresh since I stay at home all day, anyway, you’d think I can simply brush my teeth whenever I need to, right? Oh well, I love to prove you wrong. Frequent brushing, after all, can also take its toll on our chompers by damaging the enamel that protects our teeth from cavity and decay, so I can only do it at least twice or three times a day max. On those times when I feel like I could use a fresher breath, I use mouthwash after brushing, especially at night, before going to bed.

Keeping a good oral hygiene is also a must for mums like me since I would like to pass on the habit to my son. Not to mention, tooth decay is really nasty that I do not want  to pass that on to my dear little man. I simply want healthy teeth and fresher breath, especially when I am cuddling and kissing Jared all day long!

Swish Products in a nutshell

Innovitelle, Inc., an umbrella organization of Unilab Inc. send me the following Swish items to sample:

  • Mouthwash Arctic Chill 60ml
  • Mouthwash Peppermint Fresh 60ml
  • Mouthwash Cinnamon Blast 250ml
  • Moutnwash Mangosteen Mint 250ml
  • Swish Breath Spray in Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh variants

I have tried the regular variants of their Mouthwash but I am having second thoughts about the Cinnamon Blast and Mangosteen Mint flavors. But guess what? I gave it a shot and I liked them, am now using the Mangosteen Mint variety after every brush. So do not be put off by the fancy names, these variants work as well as the regular mouthwash you use!

Anatomy of Swish Breath Spray 

What’s not to like about the Swish Breath Spray? It keeps your breath fresh in an instant and it’s so handy, mums can use it while on-the-go. With two pumps, it gives you instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds! What’s even better is that its absolutely alcohol and sugar free. It is perfect for quick breath fix and quickly kills germs and bacteria in our mouth which can be caused by eating, drinking or smoking. Am actually giving my other sample to Jared’s dad for him to try!

By the way, a bottle of Swish Breath Spray retails at Php105 and can last up to 100 sprays, so it is very economical, too. It is available in Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh variants.

Mum’s two cents

What I love about Swish mouth wash is that they are alcohol-free so they have no sting like your usual mouth wash. I can gargle for up to 20 seconds with no sting or uncomfortable feeling in my mouth. The mouthwash also comes in ready-to-use formula so there is no need to add water into it, just pour about 20 ml on the cap and you are good to go!  I bet even bigger kids will like them, too, so they are ideal mouthwash for the entire family!  To help me keep fresh longer, I use it twice a day, once in the morning and at night.

Putting stock on our oral hygiene will not only be beneficial to us as we prevent bad breath, plaque build up and gingivitis, but will also work to our children’s advantage in the long run, so make it a habit to be a good example and start with a very exemplary oral hygiene. With Swish products, doing just that is easy-breezy!  😀

Swish products are available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. For more information about the company and their products, do not forget to add them on Facebook,

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I was sent free products for review purposes, however, opinions and views stated here are 100% my own.

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