Money Matters: 5 Ways To Secure Your Child’s Future

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One of our main goals as mums is to secure our little ones’ futures and to make them financially-stable and capable to live independently and raise their own families when it is their time. It might be easier for those who are earning a lot to save up and set aside a substantial amount for their child to inherit or get when they turn 18, it is no easy fit for an ordinary employee just trying to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, but it should not stop you from aiming for a more secure and a brighter future for your children.

The good news is we now live in a financially-exciting time where people openly talk about money and how to grow them. The world wide web is also a treasure trove of tips and tricks on how you can make your money grow and, hopefully, save enough for you child’s future.

Here are a few ways on how parents can secure their children’s future:

Open A Savings Account

Cliche as it may sound, putting up a savings account for your child is still the easiest way to go about building that fund for your little one’s future. Setting aside a small amount each payday and doing so regularly will prove to be effective in growing this savings. If you can afford to set aside a bigger amount of money, you might also want to consider opening up a time deposit account that is expected to yield a bigger interest over a longer period of time. Of course, since you cannot just withdraw this amount at will, make sure to set aside an amount you are sure not to spend or use for something in the imminent future.

Invest In Mutual Funds

As any financial expert would advise, it is best practice to not put your eggs in one basket. As you aim to grow your money, you might as well consider investing in mutual funds. This type of investment is especially suited for those who have limited knowledge about the stocks market as mutual funds professionally managed. It is also a low-risk investment, ideal for those who are just testing the waters and looking for the best ways to grow their money and invest for their future.

Update Your Social Security Contributions and Loans

Social security is but another way for parents to secure not only their retirement but also their children’s future. With an updated social security profile, you are guaranteed to receive a certain amount as monthly pension during retirement years, allowing you to be financially independent and not relying on your child to shoulder your hospital bills or your daily expenses.  You will also receive benefits in case of injuries or accidents, thereby allowing you to still provide for your children’s needs while you are recuperating or indisposed. You may want to visit, if you need help in claiming disability benefits.

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8 Tips For Family Road Safety

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The alarming rate of vehicular accidents appearing in the world today is enough to make claustraphobics out of every parent. You can never be too careful while out on the road, especially with your children in tow, as you will never know when an over-speeding van or a wayward motorcycle driver might hit you. All the same, we ought to practice all precautions while out on the road for our, and everyone else’s, safety.

Here are 8 tips to follow to ensure your family’s safety while you’re out on the road

  1. Check That Your Car Is Road-Ready ~ Make sure to check your car and prepare it before driving, especially when going on a long haul trip. Most accidents are caused by a driver’s neglect to check his break or his engine before going out on the road.
  2. Focus ~ There is just too many things going on at the same time while you drive, so it is of utmost importance that you keep your focus on the task at hand. A driver needs to be alert to make that emergency break when need be, so you should keep your 100% attention on your driving and the road ahead. Also, driving while sleeping can be a potential road disaster, so make sure you get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel.
  3. Follow The Road Signs ~ Plain and simple, to be safe on the road you must adhere to the road signs. Beating the red light or taking a right turn where you are not supposed to are all accident potentials. Make sure to also stick to the designated speed limit.
  4.  Minimize Distraction ~ as much as possible, keep distractions while driving to a minimum. Turn your mobile phone to silent mode and your car television’s volume to a minimum.  Take care of bored toddlers by packing some toys, snacks, and handy games, so they will be pre-occupied during your travel and leave you to drive in peace.
  5. Invest On Quality Car Seats ~ when you have small children, investing on quality car seats is a must. Not only will they make your little ones comfortable during trips but they will also save their lives in case of accidents. Laws about car seats vary from one country to the next, but it is best to follow your instincts and keep the small ones in the car seat while you are out on the road.
  6. Buckle Up! ~ This one is a standard and a no-brainer, but a good number of people still forget to do this. Keeping your seatbelt on while driving is a must!
  7. Keep Your Distance ~ we almost always see this sign while out driving and for good reasons. A good number of car accidents could have been prevented if only the the drivers minded their distance. To avoid car crashes, make sure to keep a good distance between you and the cars ahead and behind you.
  8. Keep Your Car Insurance Up-To-Date ~ You never know when you can figure in an accident while driving, so make sure you get a reliable and dependable car insurance to get those car damages and repairs covered without burning a hole in your pocket. While you are at it, you may want to see, you never know when you might just be needing an injury lawyer’s help.

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7 Must Carry Special Gifts For A New Born Baby

People just simply love baby showers. However, it is essential to make sure that you have the right gift to avoid showering the baby with many gifts that are unnecessary. Below are some ideas to help you make sure that the baby and mother are happy with what they have received. Continue reading to find unique gifts to last a lifetime.

Snap Suits

Every mom knows that snaps suits are essential and they will never be enough for the baby even up to twenty-four months of age. They should come in different sizes because newborn babies will grow faster. If they are in multiple sizes, they will be ideal for the baby as he/she grows.

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Children’s Books

New moms need a book for the child since as the child grows there will be the need to read something creative. A good example is The Giving which is a beautiful book for children to read. It is an exciting book yet with suspense and can make one have watery eyes because as the story ends. New moms need such books to keep for their children.

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