Infertility Awareness 2017: Facts, Myths, + Treatments For Infertility

It was an afternoon of new learnings and renewed hope {especially for those who are suffering from infertility} at Merck’s Fertility Awareness 2017: Bridging Baby Steps event held at the Garden Ballroom Hal 3 and 4 of Edsa Shangri-la Manila last 21 October. It was also interesting as we were joined not only by couples seeking to increase their knowledge about infertility and looking for ways to combat it, but also by a couple who have waited for 16 years to conceive a child, tried In-Vitro Fertilization, and was blessed with a set of twins!

Infertility Facts

According to Dr. Leonardo Almeda, infertility is the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of adequate cohabitation or after 6 months if the woman is older than 35.  The term describes a man who cannot get a woman pregnant and a woman who cannot get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term and one out of 10 Filipinos is suffering from this condition.  Among the factors that can contribute to infertility include health conditions, behaviors, age, and genetics.

Generally, as age increases so does the likelihood of infertility. Older men produce fewer and lower-quality sperm in the same manner that older women have fewer and lower-quality eggs. The risk of some health conditions associated with infertility increases with age. Age-related declines in sperm and egg quality also increase the risk of health conditions such as Down Syndrome, autism, and schizophrenia in future generations.

During the event mums are asked to take the Fertility Quiz and I was relieved to find out that my results indicated that I do not need to see a reproduction specialist. Although my little man is more than a handful, it will be awesome to have another baby so he can have a playmate and a best friend.

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Bridging Baby Steps: Changing The Lives of Couples With Fertility Problems

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a photo with my little man many moons ago

When I count my blessings, I count my little man twice. Having him in our lives have enriched us in so many ways we could ever imagine. Indeed, having a child is one of the best adventures anyone could ever have.

Unfortunately, not most couples are given the opportunity to have children. In fact, 15% of the population is suffering from fertility problems.

The ART of Procreation

Infertility should not be the be-all and end-all for couples, as there are means and ways to combat this.

One available method for childless couples is Assisted Reproductive Technology {ART}. This treatment procedure enables multiplication of ovarian follicles and facilitates egg cell retrieval. During the process, embryos will be formed outside the body of a female patient and will be transferred once the “cultures” are successfully formed. Patients who are suffering from severe sperm deficits, blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, mild endometriosis, and ovulation disorders can be candidates for this treatment.

Turning Dreams to Reality

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Manila Workshops’ Making Memories + Party Planning

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I was able to attend Manila Workshops’ First Time Parents: Making Memories and Party Planning, held at the Medela House in Quezon City a few weeks back. This is my second time to participate in a Manila Workshops event as I have attended their Lunches With Love workshop last year {which I have yet to share here, by the way}. The speaker, Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro, editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings, shared loads of tips and chunks of knowledge to first-time and would-be parents about effectively recording the little one’s milestones and capturing precious memories.

The second part of the workshop, on the other hand, was chock-full of tips and wonderful ideas on how to plan and throw a beautiful party for our children, without stressing too much and breaking the bank. It was something I enjoyed attending and I really wish that I was able to attend a similar workshop when I was just a fledgling and struggling new mum.

Part I: Making Memories

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Part I: Making Memories with Michele Alejandro

Some of our baby’s milestones include growth milestones {the monthly birthdays, increase in height/weight, and pedia visits}, the developmental milestones {like the first laugh, first smile, first time to sit up and first time to eat solid foods}, social milestones {like the first play date, first time meeting family or their first music class}, and finally the holiday milestones that include their first Christmas, Halloween, Easter and so on. Our little ones accomplish a number of these milestones during their first year of life and it ought to be one of our goals as mums and parents to document each momentous occasion in our children’s lives.

There are several ways in which we can capture our baby’s milestones:

  • Photographs ~ the most common and the easiest way to capture our little ones. Photographs last for a lifetime and more and sure are effective and wonderful ways to remember and capture the moments in our babies’ lives. Nowadays, parents can choose the most convenient way to take their children’s photographs, may that be with professional DSLR, point-and-shoot camera, mobile phone camera or Instax, or what most of us know as Polaroid.
  • Videos ~ these might be a bit tricky to shoot but videos are just as nice to capture our little ones, with sounds and actions, to boot!
  • Recordings ~ is a great alternative especially if your child tends to be distracted by the camera in front of him. Recordings are perfect and discreet way to capture babies’ voice and noises without them being conscious about it.
children's birthday party, parenting 101, workshops, parenting workshops, photography
Recording Milestones with Photo Interviews

Here are a few tips from the workshop on how to take baby photos

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