product review: copy-kids eat fruits and vegetables dvd

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I am so thrilled to review this innovative, new product ~ Copy-Kids eat fruits and vegetables. My little man is such a fussy eater + it was my long-time dream to see him eat those greens + develop a healthy eating habit early on in life. + this product might just be the answer to all my toddler-feeding woes!

I immediately played the DVD the day we got the package + what do you know the little man instantly fell in love with it. We actually watched it for 2 solid hours, the first time around! He was smitten by precocious little Audrey, as well as with Mani + the rest of the fruit-and-veggie-eating toddlers!

products for children, Copy-Kids, parenting 101, motherhood

To help him get in the mood for eating, I also prepared some veggies for him to try while watching the DVD. I was not prepared the first day, so I only served him what’s readily available in our ref ~ carrots! Oh well, he did not really dived into munching the carrot sticks like the rest of the Copy-Kids bunch, but the show of interest to hold the orange veggie + play with them is actually a big leap for a toddler who normally turns his head away every time I tried to feed him anything other than soup + hotdog!

Copy-Kids, products for toddlers, motherhood, parenting 101

The next day, I bought a couple of veggies featured in the DVD + made the little man a veggie platter before putting it on, he wasn’t so thrilled with his snacks but he was just so excited to watch the DVD again. In fact, it has been one of his most favorite DVD’s to watch since then + would only complete with his ultimate favorite, Cars 2, in the number of times he’s seen it.

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of mum + little man’s day out + mmr

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Jared showing off his Mickey Mouse adhesive band

Mum + the little man braved the afternoon sun yesterday for another day out. We went to his pediatrician for his second dose of MMR immunization shot. I would’ve put off our appointment for a much gloomier day, but his vaccine shot is really way behind schedule + he was supposed to have it last month but his pedia was out that day + we had to postpone for the next week.

MMR is an immunization shot intended for measles, mumps + rubella {or the German measles}, which is usually given to children around the age of 1. A second shot, which is given to ensure the production of immunity, is usually administered  before starting school {normally between 4-5}.

He was his usual excited self when we stepped out of the house, making sure to check out the stray cat that was taking refuge in the parked car in the garage. He was walking on his own but I decided to carry him instead so we can get out the scorching summer sun the soonest. We are in his pedia’s clinic in about 20 minutes + had to wait for a few minutes more for our turn.

Jared’s weight was the first one they checked when we arrived + the little man is now weighing a whopping 21 kilos, which probably explains the constant ache in my back + other parts of my body, after carrying him for   some time! The doctor also listened to his chest + back using the stethoscope. + I am glad that he is all clear. Jared was having a mild cold recently maybe due to the weather, am only glad it is not turning into a full blown cough + cold episode!

A pedia appointment is never finished without tears, especially if it was for another immunization shot, + indeed, the little man was crying the moment he saw the syringe but was smiling again after a few seconds. He also played with the Mickey Mouse stuffed toy the doctor handed to him when he blurted “Mickey” {in his own words, of course :)} + bade him goodbye {with a kiss} right before we head out the clinic.

Apart from our pedia appointment, we also did some errands including buying some items from the grocers + making a quick stop to the post office to mail some of mum’s postcards {which I shall post on my travel/postcard blog in a bit :)}. Not to mention, stopping by Jollibee’s statue beside the groceries to say hi + hello to Jared’s favorite character.

We do enjoy going out a lot, there are plenty of cars + other things to see on the road + the little man is enjoying it to bits. I bet he is looking forward to our next day out which is happening this Saturday.

Meanwhile, we are spending the Friday afternoon resting, the little man taking his nap, in fact, and mum checking out Payday Loans online for an article she has to write soon. + not to mention, enjoying the Mickey Mouse band-aid, the doctor put on Jared’s arm. We took some photos + are keeping the cute little thing in our scrapbook as a memento. 😉

So, what have you been up to lately?

Look for baby coupons for savings on health items.

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a do-it-yourself children’s education with hapi homeschooling

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I have always been interested in homeschooling + am actually aspiring to home school my little man even for just a few years, that is why attending the HAPI {Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands} presscon at last Saturday’s Expo Kid is actually quite serendipitous. I was so inspired hearing all these positive talks about homeschooling + I am convinced more than ever to give it a shot.

Homeschooling has only grown in popularity in the Philippines over the last few years, but a lot of families all over the globe are doing it for years, + to be surrounded by all these persevering homeschooling parents sharing their wonderful experience + successes is really very inspiring. We’ve also witnessed great testimonies from products of homeschooling themselves, including  Louise Mabulo of The Junior Master Chef’s fame + Paul Tan-Chi, Ateneo cum laude + Team Captain of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Paul also shared his delightful experience at homeschooling his little children. We were also treated to a number of great performances by musically-gifted home schooled children, which my little man absolutely enjoyed!

So, why do you think you’d decide to home school your children?

  • It will allow you to be very involved in their education, giving them a tailor-made education structure that matches their capabilities + learning abilities
  • You can also focus on things that they most excel in like sports, arts or music. Think of famous writers like Mark Twain, Charles Dickens + Hans Christian Anderson, along with world-renown personalities, including Mozart, Monet + a handful of American Presidents, they are all home-schooled at one point in their lives + have all excelled in their chosen fields. Even Albert Einstein, C.S. Lewis + the Hanson brothers are home-schooled!
  • You get to spend more time with your children, thereby giving you both unlimited bonding time
  • It makes you in control of what you deem is more important for your children to learn at his age
homeschooling, parenting 101, events

+ if in case you were wondering whether your children will have social exposure difficulties or have trouble dealing with people from the outside world in later years, which is my question, too, surprisingly, they won’t. As explained by the passionate + charismatic speaker, Edric Mendoza, being at home + fostering a good social relationship with members of the family, that respects them + accepts them for who they are,  will only reinforce your children’s abilities to relate to others + to not succumb to peer pressure.

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