Tips + Tricks: Top 10 Secrets To Hosting The Ultimate Kids Party

Since its establishment in 2010, Captain Fantastic has risen to become the top children’s entertainment brand in the UK. With over a decade of experience, they have perfected the art of entertaining and engaging children at parties. Whether you’re a parent organising a birthday bash or an event planner, Captain Fantastic‚Äôs proven guidelines will ensure you host the ultimate kids’ party.

Setting the stage for a successful kids’ party is paramount, and Captain Fantastic knows this better than anyone. Remove potential distractions and safety hazards from the party area. Avoid placing balloons on the floor, as they can become not only a distraction but also a source of accidents. Children might pick them up, hit each other, or get upset if one pops. Your top priority should be
creating a safe and welcoming environment where kids can enjoy themselves without worries. Ensure that the setting is clean, clutter-free, and optimised for a smooth and safe experience.

Creating an inviting atmosphere as children enter the party is essential. Set the mood with age-appropriate music at a reasonable volume, and instantly capture their attention with bubbles, which are sure to bring smiles to their faces. The atmosphere should be warm, welcoming, and exciting. It should make children feel comfortable and ready to dive into the festivities from the
moment they walk through the door.

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Make Your Little One’s Birthday More Special With #KiddiePartyToTheMax

Our little one’s birthday is a special milestone every parent wants to celebrate. Apart from making it something fun and enjoyable for our guests, we would also like to make it very memorable for the celebrant to remember with fondness for years to come. A good memento to add to their young memory bank!

I am sure most mums will agree that organizing a party is no easy feat, especially for a working mum who has other things to attend to apart from making sure that her little one’s birthday celebration will be one for the books and something the guests will remember with delight and a smile on their faces.

Max’s has been a part of the Filipino celebrations and special occasions for years now. I remember celebrating my 30th birthday in their Malolos branch {eons ago} with Jared’s dad and my sister, just a couple of days before I popped and welcomed my not-so-little bundle of joy into the world. The Filipino dishes they serve will always warm the hearts of each diner not to mention their appetites and their tummies! ūüôā

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Now, Max’s is making our little one’s birthday celebration even more special with their¬†#KiddiePartyToTheMax. We were privileged to be one of the invited mum bloggers to get first dibs on their new party packages and party the day away in time for Chickie Boy’s birthday celebration!¬†

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The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

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One of the things that I am looking forward to this month is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Winter Wonderland Christmas Party. Why you’d ask? Well, first off, as a work-at-home-mum, I do not really have an official Christmas Party to look forward to at work each year. Second, I was really looking forward to seeing old mum blogger friends as well as meeting new-found mum blogger friends whom I only get to converse with online through our Facebook group. So I bet you can imagine how excited I was about this event!

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Our intimate {yes, because among the many members of our group, only 30 were slated to attend this exclusive event} white-and-blue-themed party was held at the Spaces, located at the second level of Babyland in Mandaluyong City. I was running a bit late that day so a lot of mums have arrived and some were already enjoying the photo booth provided by Yeah, Shoot! Later on I was able to have my photos taken along with some of my MBP friends.

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I have got to give it to the organizers, mums Lanie, Louisa, and Joy, the place is simply beautiful and the Christmas tunes playing is just enough to give anyone who listens a good mood. After registration, I looked around for a place to sit, lucky me, my kumare, mum Jem, already saved me a spot beside her on one of the lovely tables.

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The party commenced with a short introduction from our head mum, Lanie, as she welcomed everyone in our Winter Wonderland Party. It was followed by a short speech from mum Louisa, who is in-charge of the MBP events. Afterwards, every mum was asked to form a group of 15 and did this very interesting activity. We were each handed a set of questions which we are to ask the other mums in our group. It sure was a perfect activity to break the ice, as we are not familiar which each and everyone in the party, and a great way to introduce ourselves to one another. It was a loud and chaotic activity, but something that we all enjoyed the most.

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