happy 114th independence day

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Happy 114th Philippine Independence Day everyone!

I remember my Papa the most on occasions like this. Weeks before the celebration, he will busy himself hoisting up the Philippine Flag at home + teaching us a thing or two about our rich, colorful history. Most of what I learned + know about patriotism + nationalism, I learned from him + I hope to pass on to my little man when it is time. + I bet, Papa, will also be one of the million boxing aficionados who were disappointed at the result of the Pacquiao-Bradley bout last Sunday!

Anyway, choppers have been zooming past our place since before the crack of dawn today, one of them must’ve carried no less than the President himself. P-noy is slated to lead the flag raising ceremony at the Barasaoin Church patio in celebration of our Philippine Independence, the first time in our humble city’s history that the highest official of our country joins Independence Day celebration at the historic Barasoain Church. Oh well, just so you know it is in this beloved church, deemed as one of the most important religious building in the Philippines, where the First Philippine Republic was declared, which earned her the title “The Cradle of Democracy in The East.”

Shame I cannot attend the ceremonies. Hopefully when Jared is a bit bigger we can go to one of those flag raising + independence day festivities at the churchyard.

Oh well, am sharing this Independence Day celebration photo I took the last time we are out in the mall + linking it with 366 BPC {03/366} as well! 😉

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