Bring Back The EPASS Now!

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Can the Filipino commuters’ lives get even worse? You’d see many a number of disappointing and inconvenient news about the local public transport going awry. Just a few days ago, the MRT had another occurrence leaving many a number of people stranded and late for work. Several days before that, a PNR train was derailed off its tracks and left a few people injured. Yes, I agree taking the public transportation is not only downright inconvenient, it can also be life-threatening at some point.

Car owners may be spared from these misadventures, but they have their fair share of grievances, too. The inconveniently-scheduled road repairs that results to horrendous traffic and an assortment of other problems, the alarming increase of road-related crimes, and the list goes on and on. Truly, a Filipino’s daily commuting adventure is a feat nothing short of a scene from one of those action-packed films we enjoy watching.

Philippines Today, mum's thoughts, mum for a cause, news
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And, if you think it can never get worse, you might just have to think again. And you might also consider asking someone who lives in the south and has to pass SLEX on a daily basis. True, traffic there has greatly improved since the construction of new and improved roads, but about a year ago, they have stopped issuing new EPASS to commuters and have deprived the commuters from the south of all the convience this clever piece of technology can offer.

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