Manila Workshops’ Making Memories + Party Planning

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I was able to attend Manila Workshops’ First Time Parents: Making Memories and Party Planning, held at the Medela House in Quezon City a few weeks back. This is my second time to participate in a Manila Workshops event as I have attended their Lunches With Love workshop last year {which I have yet to share here, by the way}. The speaker, Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro, editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings, shared loads of tips and chunks of knowledge to first-time and would-be parents about effectively recording the little one’s milestones and capturing precious memories.

The second part of the workshop, on the other hand, was chock-full of tips and wonderful ideas on how to plan and throw a beautiful party for our children, without stressing too much and breaking the bank. It was something I enjoyed attending and I really wish that I was able to attend a similar workshop when I was just a fledgling and struggling new mum.

Part I: Making Memories

children's birthday party, parenting 101, workshops, parenting workshops, photography
Part I: Making Memories with Michele Alejandro

Some of our baby’s milestones include growth milestones {the monthly birthdays, increase in height/weight, and pedia visits}, the developmental milestones {like the first laugh, first smile, first time to sit up and first time to eat solid foods}, social milestones {like the first play date, first time meeting family or their first music class}, and finally the holiday milestones that include their first Christmas, Halloween, Easter and so on. Our little ones accomplish a number of these milestones during their first year of life and it ought to be one of our goals as mums and parents to document each momentous occasion in our children’s lives.

There are several ways in which we can capture our baby’s milestones:

  • Photographs ~ the most common and the easiest way to capture our little ones. Photographs last for a lifetime and more and sure are effective and wonderful ways to remember and capture the moments in our babies’ lives. Nowadays, parents can choose the most convenient way to take their children’s photographs, may that be with professional DSLR, point-and-shoot camera, mobile phone camera or Instax, or what most of us know as Polaroid.
  • Videos ~ these might be a bit tricky to shoot but videos are just as nice to capture our little ones, with sounds and actions, to boot!
  • Recordings ~ is a great alternative especially if your child tends to be distracted by the camera in front of him. Recordings are perfect and discreet way to capture babies’ voice and noises without them being conscious about it.
children's birthday party, parenting 101, workshops, parenting workshops, photography
Recording Milestones with Photo Interviews

Here are a few tips from the workshop on how to take baby photos

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DIY Imaginative Outdoor Photography

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If you have a vintage princess chair or another chair from a site like SofaSofa, take a favorite piece of furniture outdoors and use them as a prop for your kids to sit on. Surrounded by the fall time leaves and pretty trees, the vintage chair and your children will create an amazing photo. Now it’s up to you to dress your child up for the occasion and even have them match the princess chair if you’d like. It will be a fall time masterpiece in the making.If it’s that time again to take pictures of your kids because they’ve gotten a year older or you’d like to take pictures just for creativity’s sake, don’t get stressed out over hiring a photographer. Instead be your own photographer and utilize decorations that you have in the home. If the leaves are falling in your backyard or there are still some flowers in bloom, take advantage of the nature surrounding you and take your own darling pictures that you will look back on and be proud of. DIY outdoor photography is fun if you put your mind to it and plus, it’s easy to take full advantage of beautiful décor pieces that are within your reach at home.

Don’t stop with only using a chair, except for if it is too heavy to carry outdoors! Use other creative pieces from within your home such as your child’s favorite pillows (they will help the little ones stay comfortable), and look for other props such as a throw that’s easy to wash. Spread out the throw on the grass outdoors and organize the pillows on top of the blanket. This way you’ll create a beautiful tent like setup that will look magical and inviting. Your little one won’t even know they’re being photographed as you make them smile while they’re sitting on their comfortable blanket while enjoying their surroundings!

If implementing décor pieces isn’t what you were imagining for your pictures, simply use the great outdoors, from the mountains to the garden area. Dressing up your kids in darling apparel and matching them up to the fall leaves or the mountains will look grand and the pictures will turn out wonderful. There are many elements in your home that are fun to use, but the beautiful scenery outside is just as easy to take full advantage of. Now you know that DIY photography is a lot easier than you thought!

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She loves to take pictures and implementing décor pieces is all the more fun.

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Printing + organizing the little ones photos

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One of the simple pleasures I’ve developed as a mum is taking photos of my little man. I have a massive collection of photographs dating back to the day Jared was born sitting in my hard drive. I try to take photos everyday + whenever the shutter-urge kicks in. Now, I may not be as adept to taking photos like a utah wedding photographer, but I really love taking photographs of my little man, chronicling every milestone + every important occasion in his life, or day-to-day moment as his life unfolds.

It was a good thing I found this site online that offers photo printing services at a minimal fee, I get to print hundreds upon hundreds of photos for FREE even + all I’ve got to do is pay for the shipping fee! In fact, I have printed hundreds of the little man’s photographs + some now proudly lie in the first + only scrapbook I have made for him ~ his first year of life! I had a lot of help from my sister, of course, who was jobless at the time + took the responsibilities of taking care of my son while I work. Oh well, I really fancied making all those beautiful + elaborate scrapbooks, but I guess I was not creative like that so I settled for the old-school photo album, just so I can have all these photographs organized + safely tucked somewhere. I do have to work on this a bit more, though, as I still have photos in envelopes + small boxes that I need to transfer to photo albums which I have yet to acquire. I need to print labels + dates, as well + rummage through my piles for receipts + tags that I’d also throw in to make the albums more scrapbook-ish! 😀

Looking over the photos I have printed over + over again is something I love to do whenever I have downtime, they sure bring a lot of wonderful memories. It is something my little man caught, too. He enjoys looking at our photos pointing at members of the family whom he can instantly recognize now. It makes all the trouble of printing + organizing photographs really worth it!

Can you share a tip or two on how you organize your little ones photographs? 🙂

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