picture editing for dummies

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 14. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Sheila of Picture My World

Nope, that is not a new Dummies series book title {at least not that I’m aware of}, but that is exactly what I thought when I discovered this new Facebook application whilst I was browsing through my wall. My friend, Moi, loved taking photographs + editing them + I sooo love how her photos {mostly of his son, Rylan} turned out. They were simply very creative + beautiful. + since I am really this Photoshop noob, I don’t think I can make all those extra pretty pictures even if my life depends on it. So imagine my delight when I discovered Muzy on one of my friend’s photos!

This application makes it very easy {yep, even for hopeless cases like me!} for anyone to edit photos + create layouts that they fancy. You simply need to choose between different effects + frames + colors + viola! Your picture will be ready for posterity + for all the world to see in a matter of minutes.


I have only tried it a few times + I made that photoboard above {these photos were taken when we went to Zoobic Safari to celebrate my little one’s 2nd birthday}. I am so excited to try out different effects + color combinations, too. Maybe I can use the finished products on my blogs to make the posts more interesting. You can check out my other works here ūüėČ

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