Pink Fridays: Pretty Lil’ Pink Flowers

I was excited when I found out that one of my favorite memes is back! Although I am quite in a fix because I do not have as much pink stuff as I used to, it would still be a joy to join Pink Fridays whenever I can.

To start off, I am sharing an old photo taken last year but is just as pink and pretty as can be. Most of my plants from last year have wilted and dried up for some reason, but I am thankful that this one withstand not only the storms but also the dry and sunny weather. The name of the plant escapes me, though, so feel free to drop a comment if you knew. I initially plan to put it on my parents’ grave, but since the memorial authorities are not allowing it, it ended up on my teeny-weeny front yard. Summer is the best time to grow more of these, so I am planning to get some more the next time I go to the garden center. A visit is long overdue as I am in need of more garden supplies so I can plant the seeds a friend sent me from Palawan.

Hover over this Pink Friday post for instructions on how to join this pink meme. Meanwhile, I am checking online now if there is a pink electric banjo I can share next week! 😉

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Pink Fluffy Slippers for My Feet

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My feet are probably the most over-worked part of my body. Imagine them carrying my heavy weight around all day. And add my almost-24-kilo little man to the equation and I guess you can have a bird’s eye view  how much my feet will be aching for some pampering after an eventful day.

So you can just imagine my delight when I got this flimsy pair of pink slippers delivered to my doorstep a few weeks back. Their oh-so-soft texture and comfy design makes it such a delightful experience to wear them. I now use this pair at night, especially when I am in front of the computer in the wee hours, so that even when I am still working, my feet are comfortable resting in them.

The package comes with rose-flavored foot wash and lotion which I shall write about in my future post. 😉

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product review: human heart nature’s chamomile fresh feminine wash

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I  have been using this all-natural feminine wash by Human ? Nature for a while now + I have no complaints. I simply love it + the fact that I know that no harmful chemicals are used in creating this product made me love Human Heart Nature even more. I feel cleaner, fresher + safer! I recently bought one for my stash + this 200ml bottle gets me covered for the next 2 months.

Anyway, this is just a quick post since I have to be offline now to tend to the little man, but I shall update this post later on with a rather extensive review of this product! See you + happy Tuesday everyone! 😉

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