my little man is 29 months old today!

motherhood, weekends, milestones, jared's nook jared's nook, parenting, motherhood, milestones, weekendsjared's nook, milestones, motherhood, parenting, weekendsjared's nook, motherhood, milestones, weekends

How quickly time flies, I still remember the day when my son would fit into my folded arms perfectly like it was yesterday. The days zoomed by + now I am not sure where have all those times gone? I now have this not-so-little toddler, that when not everyone is presuming he’s 4 years old, they are inquiring rather curiously whether how old he is. A few months from now + I will have a true-blue three-year old + as much as I am thrilled at the possibility of him going to play school soon + mum bringing him there armed with all the accoutrements needed for every toddler activity at play school, I just wish time would run a little slower so I have some more time to baby my little man.

I miss those days when we celebrate his turning a month older, just before he turned one. We’d have a little celebration at home: buy a cake, cook pasta or something + take loads of photos! Nowadays, I make sure to inform him that it is indeed his month-birthday + we’d sometimes do something fun or go to the mall to spend the afternoon there. Much like we did yesterday 🙂 He is needing a hair cut quite badly so that was our main reason for going to the mall.

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more pink tokens

pink stuff, pmc geb, tokenspmc eb, tokens, pink stuff

I did not get around to sharing most of the stuff I got last year, hopefully I can have the time to post about them here this year 🙂

tokens, pink stuff, pmc geb,

To start off, here are some more of the tokens I got last year from our PMC Grand EB, + this time I am sharing the cutey pink ones 🙂

pmc geb, tokens, pink stuff, simple pleasures

They are {in no particular order}:

  • the cute pen/pencil pouch that sis Jem gave me {my sis, Cel, scored it. She said she can use it to stow her pens in the office}
  • the fab + posh pink high heels that Mommy Willa gave me. I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to own + much more wear, an actual one, so I am ?ing this keychain 😀
  • the pink PMC ref magnet is from sis Gene, + ref magnets are my current passion at the moment, I wish I can find more interesting ones to place on my ref 🙂
  • the pink soaps are from sis Iris + Mommy Giay + I have yet to use either of them
Got anything pink to share today? 🙂
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my pink-hearted teddy

pink stuff, morningspink stuff, mornings

My post for today was inspired by my usual early-morning companion for a number of weeks now. He is the perfect partner for he keeps me awake in the wee hours of the morning so I can finish my online tasks way before the little man wakes up from his sound slumber. He also keeps me alert + ready, he helps make the scattered ideas brimming off the top of my head coherent and intelligible once I’ve typed it down for yet-another-gw-article- in- the-making.  Needless to say I am really thankful that I have him in my life now + am also in gratitude to the lovely person who gifted me with him.

Now, before you draw your own conclusions, I was actually referring to my pink-hearted-teddy heart-shaped mug. Isn’t he just a darling? Suis reconnaissant to the equally lovely, sis Cherry, for this token. Now even my morning coffee is full of hearts, literally! 🙂

I look forward to more adventures with my mug + my morning coffee, here’s to more tasks + earning opportunities, more giveaways to join + win, more deadlines to beat + more hopefully-slightly intelligent blog post to write in the coming new year! 😉

what is your pink share this week?

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