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Gone are the days when I’d lazily lounge in the couch with my tattered Webster’s in hand, browsing from page one to as far as my free time will take me. This habit introduced me to aardvark + other obscure words beginning with the letter “A” to heaven-knows which other letters I decided to skip to after a while. Words are simply my favorite, the more highfalutin they are, the better. The more obscure they are, the more I enjoy them ūüėÄ

Not to claim that I am an expert, but people who knows me are aware of this knack at words + I tried to used them + pepper daily conversations with these words to the delight, sometimes bemusement or more often than not, wonder of my friends. They simply did not know that long conversations with Mr. Webster can make a word-factory out of anyone! The habit of keeping him handy whenever I do my home works or read a book for pleasure paid off eventually! ūüôā

When I got a bit older, I brush up my vocabulary with the help of all those Alanis Morissette and Incubus songs that introduced me to loads of¬† words that I do not encounter in my day-to-day activities. Words are simply fun! Some play with brickgames (psp’s + the likes are invention of the future way back then) while I poured on my books + doodled at my notes waiting for words + rhymes to come.

But, I must admit, what with all the household chores and parenting duties I need to prioritize first, it has been awhile since I’ve rendezvous with my old friend. I have become rusty + sluggish + have not learned a new word for ages now. So when I read about this week’s GT topic I was actually speechless + hard-pressed of a new word to share.

That is why I am glad to stumble upon Random Word Generator. I simply clicked + words after words appear until one that I have not encountered before finally showed up. So for the new word I learned today, I share:



which, according to, is a noun meaning bulge, bump, hump, swelling, prominence, protuberance, protrusion, extrusion, with a variation of excrescence which means something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings.

Random Word Generator is quite a cool site, you can also vary the word type if you prefer to search for adjectives instead + the complexity if you are more keen on the most uncommon words.

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