the pmc charity event 2012

PMC, PMC Charity event, P&G e.studyante, mum's for a cause

One of the many reasons why I love being part of Pinay Mommies Community is our charity events where we get to help those who are in need. Just like what our CDO-based members did last July 14, 2012, when they distributed love packs {containing used clothes, noodles + cupcakes} + hygiene packs, containing products donated by P&G e.Studyante, to our brothers + sisters in Cagayan De Oro who where devastated by Typhoon Sendong last year.

PMC, PMC Charity Event, P&G e.studyante, mum's for a cause

A few days before that the mummies are busy preparing the goodies to be distributed at the PMC Headquarters. I only wish I lived just a stone’s throw away so that I was able to help in the preparation + join them in the actual day of the event. But I was with them in spirit, anyway, + I said a little prayer for our little charity event to be successful + it was! 🙂

PMC, PMC Charity Event, P&G e.studyante, mum's for a cause

The goods where distributed to families of Zone 6 + Zone 8 of Barangay Carmen in Cagayan de Oro City + the people accepted our humble gifts with smiles on their faces.

Don’t it feel good to help out other people? I wish we’ll have more of this charity events + that I will be able to participate in one, too! By the way, if you’re a Pinay mum blogger + is not a PMC member yet, check out our Pinay Mommies Community Facebook Page for details on how to join.

A big thank you to P&G e.studyante, too, for making this possible! 😉

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pinay mommies community second grand eb

A Second Grand Eye Ball has been planned a few days after the first one in April was finished, simply because there wasn’t too much time {read: less chikahan for the mummies :P} + we just couldn’t get enough of Pinay Mommies Community!

PMC GEB 2, PMC, events

+ so, after multiple online discussions + a lot of planning, the PMC Second Grand Eye Ball finally came to fruition. That particular Tuesday morning, not even the bad weather can stop the mummies from trooping to Aling Tonya’s for the much-awaited + highly-anticipated event of the year, + yes, we’d like to claim it the mummy bloggers event of the year 😀

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pmc grand eb

A few more hours + this mum, with the little man + a bagful of tokens, in tow, will be Manila-bound for our Grand Eye Ball. Everyone is just excited + I am no exception. I have actually prepared my big earth bag yesterday. I’ve prepared diapers, bibs + a spare set of clothes for the little man + all the other baby-related accoutrements. I will also prepare Jared’s bottles + milk in a while.

My sis, Cel, also helped with the last-minute token preparation {I put tags at the back of my token just so the mummies will know that I was the one who gave it :)} + with putting the tokens into their individual baggies, last night. I am all set. All I need now is to wait for the little man to wake up so we can start preparing ourselves and leave as early as we can.

I will be meeting with a few mums from the north at the train station later today so I was hoping the weather clears up soon. It was a particularly rainy morning today + I just hope the weather will take a turn for the better before Jared + I leave the house. It will be doubly hard to get around with a huge bag + a not-so-little man in my arm. Jared’s dad will have to be somewhere today so he cannot bring us to the venue.

I cannot wait to join the EB + I am so looking forward to meeting all the lovely mummies! So, can you please join me when I sing, “rain, rain go away, come again another day!” 🙂

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