a runaway mum?

Was there a time in your life when you thought “running away” was the only solution to your problem?

Call me a masochist or just a practical realist, but there was never really a time when I thought that it would be best if I drop off everything like a hot potato + make a mad dash for it. No matter how big my troubles are, or no matter how difficult my situation can be, I try to view it in a positive light, thinking there will always be a silver lining. Besides, I know that everything happens for a reason + that I am in that situation at that particular point in my life because the All made it so with a purpose in mind, + that it will have such profound impacts in the grand scheme of things. I maybe oblivious to it more often than not, but these ordeals, hurdles or hardships, problems, dilemmas or whatnot has their purpose + once I’ve overcome them, I know I will be an even better person + an even  better mum.

Run away? Nah, taking timeouts, more like, since I can really use a break to rearrange my thoughts, relax + re-connect with my spirit every once in a while.

How about you, had any urges to runaway lately?

Love + Light,

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