postcard perfect 04: angkor wat + bayon, cambodia

Today I’d like to share this multi-view postcard from the Kingdom of Wonders, Cambodia. I got this from sis Cheerful of Postcrossing Mom who hails from Phnom Penh. It is a photo of two of the most popular places in her country :

  • Angkor Wat – is a massive 3-tiered pyramid crowned by 5 lotus-like towers risng 65 meters from ground level
  • Bayou Temple – a giant stone image or face of Bayou which is one of the most recognizable images connected with the classic Khmer art + architecture. There are 37 standing towers all in all

I got those from the very long (which I totally love ;D) message sis Cheerful wrote at the back of the card. I also love here cursive handwriting. + this postcard comes with this interesting stamp, by the way:

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