Cravings, Nutrients, +Portion Control: A Guide To Eating Well During Your Pregnancy

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Eating during a pregnancy can get quite complicated: are you wondering about quantity and/or worrying about those weird food cravings {seriously, can it get weirder than Palmolive dish soap on a burger? Oh the joys!} you might have? It’s normal for all future moms to have numerous questions about how being pregnant might affect their diet and lifestyle in general. Fear no more though and get ready to expel some of the myths around pregnancy and food: here’s our short but essential guide to eating well and healthily during this tricky but wonderful time of your life.

Do you have to change and adapt your diet even when you are healthy?

Doctors don’t recommend to drastically change your diet when pregnant – especially if you were eating a healthy, balanced diet in the first place. You should simply make sure that you eat healthily and don’t skip any meals. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t eat for two during your pregnancy. You will gain on average between 26 and 34 pounds: 4 pounds during the first trimester is actually a good indicator, to keep you in check weight-wise. That’s hardly enough to get you booked for a liposuction on Harley Street as this weight will disappear on its own rapidly after the birth of your baby, even more so if you’re breastfeeding.

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The Medical City Launches Expanded Maternal ICU

If you plan to get pregnant this year or are currently pregnant and are about to give birth soon, you might want to check out the recently launched expanded Maternal Intensive Care Unit at The Medical City. Read on to know more about it.

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Pregnancy and childbirth are major life events and all pregnancies involve a certain degree of risk to both mother and baby. While many pregnancies are without any complications, some encounter life-threatening events for the mother or for the fetus.

When critical complications arise during pregnancy, patients may need care from specialists in a health care facility that offers specialized, intensive care to ensure the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies alike.

The Medical City {TMC} is home to one of the country’s few maternal intensive care units that provides comprehensive high-risk perinatal services combined with holistic care by experienced, highly-skilled medical professionals.

TMC recently launched its expanded Maternal Intensive Care Unit {MICU} to accommodate more high-risk patients. Strategically located within the Delivery Suite, the MICU offers more privacy for the care of high-risk mothers and provides adequate space for the multidisciplinary team of experts so they can attend to their patients with ease. Maximizing TMC’s broad range of medical fields with the highest levels of expertise, MICU offers intensive monitoring of mother and baby in close coordination with other clinical departments, such as nursing, internal medicine, and surgery, among others. 

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5 Reasons Kids Are Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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Every woman dreams about kids. Every woman dreams to be pregnant. Pregnancy is the most important period in your life. Pregnancy is a revolutionary step to a new life. Pregnancy can change you and your thinking. Pregnancy can change your lifestyle and your habits. It is awesome and an exiting experience. Without doubts, you want to share this happy news with all people! It’s important to find someone that understands you and your feelings! Nobody understands you better than mommies.

Pregnancy is an extremely responsibility. There are many things to consider for a healthy pregnancy. The proper nutrition, regular exercising, vitamins, and the list goes on. It’s important to avoid strenuous work and stress for a healthy pregnancy. Stop smoking and drinking! It’s crucial to talk with your baby. It’s important to prepare for the birth of your baby. Create a birth plan! Buy maternity clothes and comfortable shoes! From time to time, pregnant women experience anxiety and depression. Time and again, pregnant women need to talk about our feelings. Pregnant women regularly need support and advice.

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Maternity Style Trends For Summer

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This coming summer is shaping up to be a scorcher. Make sure you have the wardrobe to suit. The following article lists the upcoming trends. Here’s a little secret from me to you; maternity trends are the same as normal old trends. The difference is in the way you wear them. Your homework is to find a way to make them work for you. You want to put your unique spin on the following:


Chic can be hard to pull off without adding layers. Layers are the last thing you want during summer. Pull off chic over summer by buying yourself a wrap dress. You may have seen Kate Middleton rocking one. This look is great for work and casual occasions. It’s also a great style because the fit embraces your bump.


When are they never in? Honestly, stripes are always a good ‘go to’ in times of doubt. I don’t know where I would be without stripes… Scratch that, I would be in the corner of the room repeating the phrase “I have nothing to wear.” Make stripes a little more summer by going for colour. Look for a dress with straps, skirt, short or singlet. There are lots of options out there.


Pastels are a great way to pull off feminine without looking girly. It’s pink for the mature without losing the fun or the girly sweetness. It’s all about staying away from dark colors in the summer. Try color blocking with pastels. Block colors streamline the figure, making you appear taller and leaner.


This is the main color of obsession for this summer. Go extremely bold with a pair of emerald green jeans. Don’t be afraid to make a statement. If you feel jeans aren’t going to be suitable for this season, there are plenty of other options.


It’s rare but once in a while there is a cool night in summer. You just need something light to throw over what you’re wearing. Go with something light and bright. The baggy look is in. It gives an instant appeal of casually cool. Who doesn’t want to look like that just happened to roll out of bed looking fabulous?


Say ahoy to sailor stripes. This is different from the stripes mentioned earlier. There is not a selection of colors to choose from. To pull off this look the stripes must be navy blue and white. The best thing about this trend is it’s not really seasonal. You can dress it up with a jacket and scarf for winter. It looks great with statement jewelry too. Perfect!

Mum’s Two Cents

Pregnancy was one of the most fascinating phases of my life as a woman. To say that I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy is such an understatement! It was then that I discovered things I never knew about myself. It was also then when I started fully reveling in my womanhood and enjoying little girly treats like foot spa, pedicure {I had my very first when I was several months pregnant!}, and a photo shoot with a bunch of other pregnant ladies who all happened to be my friend!  :heart:

It might have been a tad frustrating trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes while struggling to be stylish and comfortable all at the same time, but dressing up when I was pregnant was as interesting as the little beansprout tickling my protruding bump every so often. After all, pregnant women gets all the attention and no one wants to be seen looking drab. Putting colorful and comfy clothes and dresses is a surefire way to make anyone happy, and it is just exactly what pregnant women needed!

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