Health Insurance When Planning Children

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There are so many things to think about when planning for a child, from child proofing your home, making sure you have read all the relevant literature to buying all the essential clothes and paraphernalia. But the most important thing to think about when preparing for a baby is you and your child’s health. Health insurance should never be treated as an afterthought so to help navigate you through the world of private cover, here are some pointers:

Reasons for Private Cover

There are many reasons to go for private cover, these include:

  • For birth and after care services, private health care is actually the most affordable option, especially if there are complications
  • You have the power to choose your obstetrician
  • Private hospitals have much lower rates of newborn resuscitation or admission to intensive care
  • The ratios of neonatal death rates are as follows: public hospitals – 3:1000 and 1:1000 –private hospitals
  • The rate of severe perinea tearing is much lower in private hospitals

Waiting Periods

Many health insurance policies have waiting periods, this means your health may not be covered for some time after you have started paying your premiums. With this in mind, it is important to take out insurance the moment you start planning on having children.

If you and/or your partner already have health insurance, now would also be the best time to get in touch with your policy provider and ensure you are covered for all pregnancy and birth related services as well as enquiring about adding your newborn to the family policy.

Getting the Right Cover

All private health funds should cover the following basic needs:

  • Doctors’ and obstetricians’ fees
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Labour ward costs

Some additions to the basic points you may want to consider are:

  • Pre-natal class fees
  • Ultra-sound costs
  • Post-natal check-up fees for you and your baby

The additional points will most likely come with an additional charge. To get the best deal always make sure you compare private health insurance. You should also make sure there is no gap in the cost of your treatment. This could mean making a co-payment and paying an excess for treatments that are supposedly covered under your policy. Some insurers may seem a little cagey about information on co-payments or excess so make sure you check with an online health insurance advice centre like Choosi, for accurate information.

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prelude to the preggie ward reunion

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Pregnancy has been one of the most profound and enjoyable part of my life, apart from all the beautiful changes taking place in my body {I am a beautiful pregnant, or so they say, and I particularly loved the cleavage! ;)}, what could top the feeling of having your baby kick and move around inside your tummy, right? It was one of the most things I miss after I gave birth.

There are hard times, of course, and don’t ever forget the morning sickness which turned out to be round-the-clock sickness since I get to be sick at any time of day, regardless if it’s day or night. It would have all been a one-woman struggle and the days would have been a tad boring and uneventful if I have not found these beautiful, not to mention very-pregnant, too, women!

See, in my previous place of work, a call centre {yes, it was not misspelled as we work in a UK-based one}, as consideration to women in the family way, they’d let you opt for the best schedule, in the early hours of the morning, mind you {which is a gift in itself as most of the shifts at work begins at 1pm!} to suit the morning sickness and your pregnant body’s demands, as well as allow you to get enough sleep at nights. There are also lesser calls at these times as it was already midnight in the UK by then. So instead of getting the usual work loads, and the usual calls requesting for common listings for locksmiths in Nottingham or a plasterer in Birmingham, we’d normally get calls asking for 24-hour takeaways or restaurants. The worse thing you can get is a drunk caller looking for an escort service, who’d say a litany of expletives before even recalling the name of the business he was looking for in the first place. I would normally cringe at this and worry that my little man’s delicate ears will here the not-so-pleasant words! :D

Oh, sorry for being a bit nostalgic today. I miss my old workplace and my workmates, I guess, and I also had my reasons, apart from missing our preggie ward so much, you know. ‘Cause last week I had a fun play date with my preggie ward-mate, Moi and our little men. We purchased this online promo for Fun Ranch a few weeks back and decided to use our vouchers last week. A best decision, really, as Jared and Rylan had a blast playing with each other, trying out the slides and roaming around the playground. We did not get to chat much, though, since they arrived a bit late due to traffic, and we were early coming from another event prior to our play date, plus the boys cannot wait to play, it was really nice seeing her again and I hope we’ll be able to do it again with all our other preggie ward-mates very soon! :)

photo credits go to Mommy Moi :)

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where-to-weekend: pregnant pause 2 {talks for modern mums-to-be}

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What: Pregnant Pause 2 {Talk For Modern Mums-to-be}

When: 04 February, 2012, 1-5pm

Where: UCC Rockwell

What’s in it for you:

Join other pregnant mums-to-be for an afternoon of stimulating talk, insightful demo, fun + laughter! This event is exclusive to expectant mums + dads {or birth partners}.

Admission is free, but pre-registration is required. You may reserve your slot by doing any of the following:

  • send an email to
  • text 09178162524
  • call {02}570-7827

If I were expecting, I would’ve reserved my slot now. This is one event for preggie mums I wouldn’t dare miss! ^ _^

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Nice To Know You Wednesday 2


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. ~ Aristotle

Hello there, it is Wednesday once again + welcome to the 2nd edition of Nice To know You Wednesday(NTKYW), this is a weekly meme that allows us to get to know a little bit about our fellow bloggers thru 5 interesting questions.

I am very thankful to all who participated in our Maiden Edition, namely Mys, sis Shengkay + Trish,Raya + Chie101 (it was interesting to note that I now have an answer about how she came up with her online name, Chie Wilks ;)) , inspite + despite of me not promoting the Meme that much (I was in a hurry to make my post last Wednesday since I considered Wednesday + the number 3 lucky! Not that I am superstitious but I just have good vibes with them ;)).

As a sign of my gratitude (+ since I am feeling rather generous this month) I will be giving $5 to Mys, who is my very first participant (kindly send me your paypal address via my contact form) + a little gift (which I shall be blogging about in a while) for all the other 4 participants (kindly send in your mailing details thru my contact form, too).

Now on with today’s Meme.  A little backgrounder: I was reading this month’s copy of Smart Parenting + saw one of my favorite deejays Delamar of RX 93.1, with her glorious baby bump. So it inspired the questions for today’s Nice To Know You. Join me in reminiscing or dreaming (if you haven’t experienced it yet) about our pregnant days.

Here are our 5 interesting questions:

1. What do you like best about being pregnant?

2. What is your most embarrassing preggy moment?

3. Was your pregnancy planned or surprised?

4. What I’ll miss most about being pregnant?

5. What are your preggy comfort food?

+ here are my answers:

1. What I like best about being pregnant is that I look + feel good about myself (many were saying I was a pretty preggie :)) + that everyone else seemed a little bit nicer :)

2.  When I was pregnant there were several occasions when my tummy would act up + there is just no way I can control it even if my life depended on it! I’d feel the urge to throw up whenever I ride public transportation or the train, so I always have a clean plastic bag handy which I can use in case of emergency. But sometimes the good plan simply don’t work out resulting to embarrassing incidents. + the most embarrassing of them all was when I threw up in cab + the driver thought I was drunk (my tummy was just 4 months back then + it wasn’t very big at all).  All the mess was on the car floor +  Jared’s dad had to pay P200 for our ride to include fees for car wash! Totally embarrassing!

3. My pregnancy was actually a very lovely surprise. I told Jared’s dad that I should either be pregnant or giving birth by the time I turn 30 when we were just starting. We never planned or talked about it afterwards. So it was really quite a pleasant surprise when I found out I was 2 months on the family way  the year I am celebrating my 30th birthday!

4. What I will actually miss the most about being preggie is the huge bump in my mid-section. Somehow it makes you feel so much more secure to know that your baby is safe + sound inside your tummy! I will also miss the preggy ward in our workplace where I got to be with a lot of other preggie ladies the entire shift! Apart from that, I will also miss the pedicures courtesy of my sis, Cecille, + Jared’s dad :)

5. When I was pregnant I nearly do not know what to eat most of the time, since I’d almost always throw up anything that I eat. What’s most comforting to eat back then (+ the least likely to inspire another agonizing trip to the loo once my tummy act up!) are Fita crackers + red apples. I also went on a binge for a while + I simply love Dulcinea’s cream puff :)

Again the rules for this meme is simple. Just answer the 5 questions + include a meme badge (the badges are here) in your post. Link up + visit as many participants as you can! I’ll be waiting for your entries.

Nice to know you!

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